Soup Harusame: Instant Glass Noodles from Acecook

The product mentioned in the previous post, Soup Harusame (スープはるさめ), is an instant cup of glass noodle soup from the Japanese instant noodles manufacturer Acecook, first released in 2002 under the name of Harusame Noodle.

Acecook Soup Harusame

Acecook Soup Harusame Instant Harusame Soup

With a light but satisfying taste and a low calorie of about 70 kcal, the Acecook Soup Harusame series now comes in various flavors and is popular with health-conscious people.


Acecook Soup Harusame Instant Harusame Soup Contents

What I picked up this time is Yuzu Ponzu Flavor (柚子ぽん酢味) (Price: 138 yen), whose contents are like this. As you can see, the cup comes with a dried glass noodle block and two flavor packets containing garnishes and soup base liquid.


Acecook Soup Harusame Instant Harusame Soup Cooking

The cooking is simple, just like that of instant ramen.

  1. First, put the garnishes in the cup (onto the Harusame noodles) and pour boiling water until it fills the line inside.
  2. Close the lid, and after waiting 3 minutes, pour the soup base liquid and stir well. That’s it.


Acecook Soup Harusame Instant Harusame Noodle Soup

After soaking up the broth, the Harusame looks like Shirataki. But the glass noodles are not that firm and take on a Somen-like texture. As mentioned above, overall, the noodle soup is light. It is tasty but might not be for those who like heavy ramen.


Acecook Soup Harusame Instant Harusame Soup Yuzu Ponzu Flavor Ingredients

The accompanying Harusame is from China. While Japanese glass noodles typically use sweet or white potato starch, Chinese ones use green bean starch. But the list only says the noodles consist of starch and brewed vinegar.

Nutrition Facts

Acecook Soup Harusame Instant Harusame Soup Yuzu Ponzu Flavor Nutrition Facts Label

Lastly, here is the nutrition facts label of the Yuzu Ponzu Flavor Soup Harusame. The total calories this cup (32 grams) offers are 77 kcal, and the portion of Harusame and garnishes is only 56 kcal.

(Reference Page: Wikipedia スープはるさめ )


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