Aron Alpha: Great Adhesive Property of the Super Glue

One of my routines from last year (2021) is exercising for at least an hour a day with Oculus or Meta Quest 2, but something went wrong while playing workout games today.

As the headband suddenly got loose, I checked it and noticed that a part of the band stopper broke and fell apart. I was a little shocked by the incident. But meanwhile, I expected Aron Alpha to solve the problem.

Aron Alpha Instant Super Glue

Aron Alpha Super Glue with Guinness Record

For the unfamiliar, Aron Alpha (アロンアルファ) is an instant superglue adhesive created by Toa-Gosei (東亜合成) in 1963, and since 1971, it’s been on sale for family use.

Now, the Japanese superglue holds the Guinness record of being the longest-selling consumer super glue brand, available in over 30 countries, also known as Krazy Glue (English official site).

Aron Alpha Instant Super Glue Adhesive Usage

Here in Japan, Aron Alpha has been a staple in many households for decades, and I had it in my house when my Oculus/Meta Quest got in trouble. 

As expected, soon after applying the glue liquid and bonding, the headband was restored, and I could enjoy the games, such as Thrill of the Fight, Vzfit, and Audio Trip, comfortably as usual!

Oculus Meta Quest 2 Repaired with Aron Alpha Instant Super Glue


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