Top 3 Most Popular Flavors of Marumiya Furikake

Furikake (ふりかけ) is a traditional Japanese condiment consisting of dry mini flakes or granules processed from various ingredients such as meat, egg, fish, seafood, or seaweed.

Since it is Japan’s national food meant for rice, many makers produce it, and among others, Marumiya (丸美屋) boasts an overwhelming market share.

Top 3 Marumiya Furikake Flavors

Marumiya Noritama Furikake

As I introduced many times, Marumiya has an extensive lineup of Furikake, some of which are available even on Amazon. But have you ever wondered what flavor is the best?

Although Noritama is their signature product, I like the Sukiyaki flavor the most, and I also wondered how popular it is.

Sukiyaki Furikake from Marumiya

So today, I researched the popularity of Marumiya Furikake flavors. I looked it up on Google and found two rankings from Macaroni and Itmedia on top.

If excluding Mazekomi Furikake, the top 3 flavors ranked on both sites are the same! Noritama (のりたま), Ajidouraku (味道楽), and Sukiyaki (すきやき). 

Marumiya Ajidouraku Furikake Rice Seasoning

Specifically, the results are below.

  Ranking A Ranking B
No.1 Noritama Noritama
No.2 Ajidouraku Ajidouraku
No.3 Sukiyaki Sukiyaki

Marumiya Noritame and Ajidouraku Furikake Rice Seasonings

By the way, are you curious about these Furikake flavors? If you want to know the details of each, you can refer to my past articles here.


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