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Abunai vs Yabai 0

Abunai vs. Yabai: Meaning & Usage in Japanese

Abunai (危ない/あぶない) is a word that Japanese learners should memorize during the early stage of studying, meaning dangerous. But in everyday conversation, young Japanese generations often use Yabai (やばい) instead of Abunai to mean...

Gokuaku Meaning in Japanese 0

Gokuaku (極悪): Meaning & Usage in Japanese

The word Saiaku (最悪) may remind some Japanese learners of Gokuaku (極悪), whose literal meaning is Extremely Bad. As I wrote in the previous post, we often use Saiaku and Saitei (最低) the same...

Japan’s Favorite Christmas Songs 0

7 All-Time Most-Listened Japanese Christmas Songs

Christmas Eve has arrived, and tomorrow is Christmas Day! Every year, as the event approaches, I hear various songs from TV and radio shows. But I wondered, what are the all-time most-listened or most-loved...