What exactly is Karubi Ramen?

Nissin started to sell a limited-time Cup Noodle “Negi Shio Karubi (ねぎ塩カルビ: green onions and salted short ribs)” recently, 

and since a while ago, the product has been on sale at convenience stores in Japan.

Nissin Cup Noodle Negi Shio Karubi Flavor Instant Ramen

In actual Karubi ramen, as well as the Yakiniku grill, the short rib is usually from beef, but this cup noodle uses mock Karubi made with seasoned pork mince.

Karubi Ramen (カルビラーメン)

By the way, have you ever heard of Karubi ramen?

The dish is actually uncommon in ramen restaurants, and it is hard to find ones serving it (even in Japan) unless you search online beforehand.

In fact, near where I live, there is only one offering it.


Karubi Ramen

Unlike this Cup Noodle, the broth of actual Karubi ramen is usually soy sauce-based, often seasoned with red chili pepper, sesame oil, and mirin or sweet sake.

Although the noodle soup has a bright red color, as seen in the photo above, it is less spicy than it looks. It is rather sweet and savory using beef.

As its name indicates, the main topping is grilled Karubi boneless beef short rib, and it often comes with fluffy eggs and green onions.

Where to Eat

Although most ramen shops don’t have Karubi ramen on the menu, Japanese Yakiniku restaurants often offer it.

Incidentally, if you are seeking a delicious bowl of Karubi ramen, this site will help, introducing popular ones enjoyed in each prefecture with rankings.


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