Konpeito: 4 Recommended Ways to Use the Sugar Candy

Known as a traditional Japanese confection with about 400 years of history, “Konpeito (金平糖)” is a small colored sugar candy covered in bulges, especially featuring its beautiful appearance.

Because of that, Konpeito is popular among children in Japan, and in recent years the Japanese treat has gained popularity in many countries.

Since Konpeito is made of sugar and is colorful, it is not only used as a topping for various foods and drinks, but the confection can also be substituted for sugar.

4 Recommended Uses of Konpeito


When the sugar candy Konpeito is used in other foods and drinks, they could attract people’s attention since the Japanese treat is beautiful and eye-catching.

Today, for those of you who are interested in such usages of Konpeito, I will introduce how Japanese people use the sugar candy in foods and drinks.

As a Topping in Plain Yogurt 

Plain Yogurt with Fruits and KonpeitoImage: Rakuten Recipe

As I mentioned above, Konpeito is a confection made of sugar, so it can be used as a replacement for sugar. What is better, it is fascinating. Therefore, when Konpeito is added to plain yogurt in place of sugar with various fruits, the yogurt will be full of a tropical atmosphere that is perfect for the summer season.

In Champagne

Champagne with KonpeitoImage: wakako-delicious-salon.com

Konpeito has such a sophisticated look that the sweets can be used in champagne without damaging the elegance of the alcoholic drink. Add some Konpeito to a glass of champagne, and the sugar candy makes the alcohol more elegant. As a result, the champagne with Konpeito will catch people’s eyes.

As the Main Ingredient in Cookies

Cookies with Konpeito Image: cookpad.com

Konpeito is colorful and lovely, so if the Japanese confection is used as the main ingredient in cookies, your children will show more interest in the cookie than usual and be excited about that.

For Coffee and Black Tea

Black Tea with KonpeitoImage: cookpad.com

When you invite your friends to your home, serve a cup of black tea or coffee along with Konpeito, instead of normal sugar, and they will be happy to see that.


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