Yukari : The Best Shiso Furikake also Used as Common Seasoning

Yukari (ゆかり) is a long-selling Furikake rice seasoning released about 40 years ago. It is a nationally famous rice seasoning that has been widely enjoyed in Japan for decades.

The ingredients of Yukari Furikake rice seasoning

Yukari Furikake is made mainly from dried red Shiso leaves, and the other ingredients include salt, sugar, oligosaccharide, malic acid, and amino acids.

Red Shiso, also known as red perilla, is the Japanese basil commonly used as an ingredient for Japanese pickled Ume plums “Umeboshi (梅干し)“.

Hence the Shiso Furikake, Yukari makes such a good pair with Umeboshi plums that, in addition to the regular product, there is another Shiso Furikake with bits of dried Umeboshi in the Mishima’s Yukari series.

Onigiri rice balls with Yukari Furikake

Mishima Yukari with Umeboshi Plums

The taste of the Yukari rice seasoning reminds me of my childhood, because my mother used to make Onigiri rice balls for me using the Shiso Furikake when I was a kid.

How to use the Shiso Furikake as a common seasoning

Although the Mishima’s product, Yukari (ゆかり) is usually used as a rice seasoning, sprinkling over steamed plain rice, some Japanese like using the Shiso Furikake as a common seasoning.

Thus, today I will introduce how to use the rice seasoning for foods other than plain white rice.

1. Yukari can be used as a main ingredient for Ochazuke


Image : recipe.rakuten.co.jp

Ochazuke (お茶漬け) is a Japanese rice bowl dish that consists of steamed plain rice soaked in green tea or soup. Some Japanese like to use the Yukari rice seasoning as a soup base for Ochazuke. The basic way to make Ochazuke with the Shiso Furikake is as follows.

  1. Sprinkle Yukari powder over plain white rice in a bowl
  2. Pour boiling hot water in the bowl until the rice is entirely soaked
  3. Add shredded Nori seaweed and whatever you like as toppings to the rice
  4. Enjoy the Yukari Ochazuke !

2. Yukari works well with Ponzu sauce 


Image : recipe.rakuten.co.jp

Yukari works well with Ponzu sauce, so let’s sprinkle the Shiso Furikake over fresh vegetables or boiled noodles such as Udon, Soba, and pasta, then dress the food with Ponzu sauce. The Shiso Furikake makes those foods tasty and flavorful.

3. Yukari makes a good pair with Udon and other noodles


Image : cookpad.com

If you sprinkle Yukari Shiso Furikake over Udon noodles or other noodle dishes like Soba, the seasoning imparts a refreshing, pleasant flavor to the noodle soup. However, don’t put too much since the rice seasoning contains plenty of salt.

Mishima Yukari with Umeboshi Plums


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    […] Yukari is a long-seller Japanese Furikake that consists of mainly red Shiso(red perilla) powder.Although the rice seasoning of normal type Yukari is packed in a bag,this unique type of Yukari has its rice seasoning in a pen-shaped container. The pen-shaped Yukari that doesn’t have a lot of marketplace circulation used to be traded at prices that are more than twice the original list price in auctions on the internet. […]

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