Mishima Yukari Shiso Furikake and its Uses by Japanese

When I think of furikake rice seasoning that represents Japan, what comes to my mind right away is “Mishima Yukari (三島 ゆかり)”, together with Marumiya Noritama.

For the unfamiliar, Furikake is a traditional Japanese condiment for rice consisting of dry granules or tiny flakes processed from various food materials, and Yukari is a furikake product that was introduced by Mishima about 40 years ago.

Mishima Yukari Shiso Furikake

And today, the furikake, Mishima Yukari has been a long-time favorite rice seasoning of Japanese people of all generations.


Mishima Yukari Shiso Furikake

The main ingredients of the Yukari furikake are dry mini flakes made from herby, red shiso leaves, and blended with salt, sugar, oligosaccharide, malic acid, and amino acids.

Red shiso, also known as red perilla, is the Japanese basil often used in the pickled Ume plums “Umeboshi (梅干し)“.

Thus, the shiso furikake, Yukari makes such a good pair with Umeboshi plums that in its series there is even a product of shiso furikake mixed with dried bits of Umeboshi.

Onigiri Rice Balls with Yukari Shiso Furikake

The taste of the Yukari rice seasoning brings back memories of my childhood because when I was small my mother used to make Onigiri rice balls for me using the shiso furikake.


The basic usage of the shiso furikake Mishima Yukari is the same as other regular furikake seasonings; simply sprinkle on a hot bowl of white rice. But some Japanese like to use it as a versatile seasoning, so last, let me introduce how they use the shiso furikake.

In Ochazuke

Yukari Shiso OchazukeImage: recipe.rakuten.co.jp

Ochazuke (お茶漬け)“, also simply called just Chazuke, is a common Japanese comfort food consisting of a bowl of white rice that has been entirely soaked in hot green tea or soup.

Some Japanese like to use the Yukari furikake as a soup base for Ochazuke, and the basic way to make Ochazuke with the shiso furikake is as follows.

  1. Sprinkle the Yukari powder over a bowl of plain white rice
  2. Pour boiling water into the bowl until the rice is entirely soaked
  3. Garnish the Ochazuke with your desired toppings like shredded nori seaweed 
  4. Enjoy the Yukari Shiso Furikake Chazuke!

With Ponzu Sauce

Noodles with Ponzu Sauce and Yukari FurikakeImage: recipe.rakuten.co.jp

Mishima Yukari goes well with ponzu sauce, so let’s sprinkle the shiso furikake over fresh vegetable salad or boiled noodles such as udon, soba, or pasta, and then dress the food with ponzu sauce. The shiso furikake will impart its nicely fragrant herby taste to them.

In Udon and Soba Noodle Soups

Udon with Yukari Shiso FurikakeImage: cookpad.com

As I mentioned above, the shiso furikake Yukari pairs well with udon and soba, so simply sprinkle some Yukari flakes on the noodle soup, which gives the bowl a pleasant, faint acidity. However, don’t put too much since the condiment contains quite a lot of salt.


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    […] Yukari is a long-seller Japanese Furikake that consists of mainly red Shiso(red perilla) powder.Although the rice seasoning of normal type Yukari is packed in a bag,this unique type of Yukari has its rice seasoning in a pen-shaped container. The pen-shaped Yukari that doesn’t have a lot of marketplace circulation used to be traded at prices that are more than twice the original list price in auctions on the internet. […]

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