Tamago Boro: Japanese Egg Cookies for Children

“Tamago Boro (たまごボーロ)” is a classic Japanese egg cookie. In its word, “Tamago (たまご)” means egg in Japanese, while “Boro (ボーロ)” is the generic name for confections with roots in Portugal or Spain.

Tamago Boro (たまごボーロ)

Tamago Boro Egg Cookies

In Japan, Tamago Boro is marketed mainly towards children as the Japanese egg cookie not only has an easy-to-eat small ball shape, but the snack quickly melts in the mouth like snow.

Tamago Boro

Tamago Boro is somewhat hard on the outside but brittle on the inside, resulting in melting away in the mouth after crunching. Besides, it is not sticky at all, so you don’t need to worry your children get their hands dirty.

For those reasons, Tamago Boro is favored by moms, and in fact, when I was small, my mother used to often buy Tamago Boro for me and my brother. 

Since even now I like the sweet snack very much (simply because it is really yummy), I think the Japanese egg cookie can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults.


Iwamoto Seika Tamago BoroImage: Amazon.com

Tamago Boro has long been loved in Japan, so today a number of Japanese confectionery companies are producing it.

Among those manufacturers, “Takeda Seika (竹田製菓)” and “Iwamoto Seika (岩本製菓)” are especially well-known for their Tamago Boro products.


Tamago Boro Japanese Egg Cookies

Tamago Boro is a simple cookie ball made mainly with wheat flour, sugar, egg, and milk. But with a gentle sweetness and an excellent texture, it is quite addictive.


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