5 Easy Healthy Food Recipes using Kinako Soybean Flour

“Kinako (きな粉)” is the roasted soybean flour known as a traditional Japanese food. In Japan, the yellow bean powder is often prepared as a main ingredient for “Mochi (餅)” dishes.

Kinako Mochi (きな粉餅)

Kinako Mochi

In fact, Japanese people often eat steamed Mochi rice cake by coating it with a mixture of Kinako powder and sugar on New Year’s day, and the Mochi dish is called “Kinako Mochi (きな粉餅)“.

As for the use, other than Mochi, we use the soybean flour in various ways. For example, if you add Kinako powder to some sweet snack or beverage, those foods and drinks will become healthy and have a taste familiar to Japanese.

Kinako is usually made with only soybeans and is known as a healthy food with high nutritive value.

It is rich in dietary fiber, protein and minerals, and helps improve constipation. Besides, the active component includes soybean isoflavones, so the foods and drinks containing Kinako powder are recommended to women in particular.

5 Healthy Food and Drink Recipes Using Kinako

Shirakiku Kinako Roasted Soy Bean Flour

Therefore, today I will introduce easy healthy food (drink) recipes using Kinako powder that are worth a try.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Kinako and Brown Syrup

Vanilla Ice Cream with Kinako and Brown Syrup

As you may know, vanilla ice cream works well with Kinako powder. The ice cream becomes healthy and Japanese-style if you dress brown syrup and sprinkle Kinako on the sweet. Actually, as with vanilla ice cream, tofu also makes a good pair with Kinako and brown syrup.

Kinako Milk

Kinako Milk

The drink, Kinako milk became a topic of conversation on the internet offered in Japanese several years ago. The basic way to make this healthy milk drink is really simple: Just add a proper amount of Kinako flour to milk, and the milk gets a higher nutritive value as well as becoming healthier. If you want to sweeten the Kinako milk drink, add some sugar or honey.

Kinako Toast

Kinako ToastImage : recipe.yamazakipan.co.jp

You might think it is unbelievable, but some Japanese like to put Kinako soybean flour on toast. Its recipe is as follows: First toast bread and spread butter or margarine, then sprinkle Kinako powder and sugar over the toast. This is all you have to do. It may also be a good idea to dress black syrup, instead of sugar.

Kinako Milk Tea

Kinako Milk TeaImage : cookpad.com

As with Kinako milk, Kinako goes well with black tea with milk. If you add a proper amount of Kinako to the tea, the yellow bean powder turns the usual tea into mild healthy one. In addition to Kinako milk tea, some Japanese also like the Amazake with Kinako.

Kinako Yogurt

Kinako YogurtImage : cookpad.com

Eating yogurt with Kinako is one of the recommended ways of consuming Kinako. As both the foods contain abundant nutrition, it is needless to say that this food combo is good for the health. If you want to sweeten the yogurt, add some honey or syrup.


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