Kokuyo Dotliner: The Best-Selling Tape Glue in Japan

Japanese stationery makers have been creating various kinds of innovative products until now and the representative examples include Pilot Flixion erasable pens, Pentel Orenz Nero, and what I introduce here Kokuyo Dotliner.

Kokuyo Dotliner 

Kokuyo Dotliner is the best-selling Japanese tape glue whose sales volume ranks first in Japan’s market and primary differences between Kokuyo Dotliner and its counterparts are as follows.

  • Kokuyo Dotliner can be used very smoothly until the very end.
  • The Dotliner tape glue can be pasted without generating any unevenness.
  • The Dotliner tape glue can be applied with a little force as if a ball rolled around.

These 3 points especially set Kokuyo Dotliner apart from other tape glues. By the way, first and foremost, have you ever used tape glues? Tape glue is a very handy stationery article. For the unfamiliar, here are some good points about it.

Image: kokuyo

  • You can apply glue without getting your hands dirty.
  • You can paste the tape smoothly.
  • Paper doesn’t become wrinkled after the use.


  • Japanese stationery is renowned for its high-quality functions and mechanisms
  • Kokuyo Dotliner is ranked No.1 in the tape glue category of Japan
  • Tape glue is a useful, very handy item

These 3 points are the main reason why Kokuyo Dotliner is highly recommended. If you try the Japanese tape glue once, you will find how smooth and handy it is.


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