Pentel Orenz Nero: Best Auto-Advance Mechanical Pencils

Pentel is a leading Japanese stationery company, and the maker actually introduced its flagship model of mechanical pencils in February 2017.

Pentel Orenz Nero

Image: Amazon Japan

The company’s flagship product is named “Orenz Nero” whose line consists of auto-advance mechanical pencils.

In other words, when you click the top button of the pen only once, thereafter the lead advances automatically until finished, without further clicking.

Therefore, if you click the pen’s cap just once, you can keep writing letters without taking any further actions to advance the lead.

Vs. Pilot Automac

Although Pilot, another major Japanese stationery maker, has already put the same type of auto-feed mechanical pencil on the market, their product, “Automac” is only available in 0.5 mm tips.

Pilot Automac Mechanical Pencil – 0.5 mm

On the other hand, the flagship pen brand of Pentel, Orenz Nero supports two sizes of lead, 0.2 mm and 0.3 mm leads for fine lines.


The auto-advance mechanical pen series of Pentel, Orenz Nero is especially characterized by the following features.

  1. The 0.2 mm Orenz Nero pen is the world’s first auto-feed mechanical pencil designed for 0.2 mm leads.
  2. Pentel Orenz Nero pens feature a lead-breaking prevention function, which protects the lead from easy breakage by its unique mechanism called “Orenz System”. The picture below shows that system.



It is said that Pentel Orenz Nero doesn’t put much weight on the image of being classy, but places great importance on the easiness of use.

Hence, if you really like stationery, the auto-advance mechanical pens with a lead-breaking prevention function will be able to greatly meet your needs.


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