Yuzu Miso: Sweet Citrus-Flavored Miso Seasoning Paste

Japanese home cooks sometimes use “Yuzu (柚子)“, a small citrus fruit similar to grapefruit, in cooking.

In fact, several seasonings made with Yuzu are popular in Japan, among which Yuzu Miso is highly recommended to those who like a very Japanese taste.

Yuzu Miso (柚子味噌)

Yuzu Miso

Yuzu Miso is a sweet citrus-flavored seasoning/condiment whose base is Miso soybean paste.

It is made by simmering a mixture of Miso, sugar, Mirin, and Sake over low heat, to which ground citrus peel of Yuzu is added.

Health Benefits

The citrus fruit Yuzu is a good source of vitamin C, while the fermented soybean paste Miso is packed with nutrients such as vitamins and essential amino acids.

Hence, the blend of the two is quite nutritious and is said to help prevent colds and relieve fatigue.

How to Use

Yuzu Miso is a versatile seasoning used in various ways like below. The addition of it can make food flavorful and aromatic.

With Rice

Yuzu Miso and Plain White RiceImage: cookpad.com

For example, we Japanese like to eat a bowl of white rice with Yuzu Miso. Simply pouring Japanese green tea into the bowl makes it a Chazuke dish.

With Daikon

Furofuki Daikon with Yuzu Miso

Yuzu Miso is most commonly used as a sauce for the simmered radish dish called “Furofuki Daikon (ふろふき大根)”.

The dish is made by simmering peeled, thickly sliced daikon radish in a pan of dashi (soup stock) made from Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) until cooked through.

The cooked radish is then served on a plate and eaten with Yuzu Miso.

With Grilled Fish (Meat)

13d35ed4e959c9f12e21b6ecf5f0aa27323da386. Rakuten Recipe

Yuzu Miso pairs well with meat/fish. After sprinkling a dash of salt and pepper, grill it. Then, spread Yuzu Miso on the surface and grill it again until the paste gets slightly burned.

In Dressing (Sauce)

0a364f47cda0710572e365c9bf7b0e4aImage: cookpad.com

With Yuzu Miso, you can easily make a fragrant, delicious dressing.

As an example, put a 2:1:1 ratio of Yuzu Miso, sesame oil, and rice vinegar in a bowl and mix well. The resulting sauce is a good match for dishes like fresh vegetables and salads.


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