Kanro Ame: Classic Japanese Sweet Soy Sauce Flavor Candy

With a long history, some Japanese hard candies have a taste reminiscent of Japan’s good old days. As I wrote in the past article, Sakuma Drops is a Japanese hard candy of just that kind.

Additionally, in Japan, there is one more classic candy with a good old taste that shouldn’t be forgotten, and its prime ingredient is soy sauce.

Kanro Ame (カンロ飴)

Kanro Ame Sweet Soy Sauce Flavor Candy
The name of the Japanese hard candy I introduce here is “Kanro Ame (カンロ飴)”, which has a sweet soy sauce flavor and its taste is something like making someone feel nostalgic. By the way, “Ame (飴)” is the Japanese word for (hard) candy.

I used to suck on the soy sauce candy generally called “Shoyu Ame (醤油飴)” as a kid, since I much loved the individually wrapped golden candy.

The hard candy, Kanro Ame was introduced in 1954 by the Japanese confectionery company “Kanro (カンロ)”. You might imagine that the Japanese candy is salty-sweet in taste because of its main ingredient soy sauce, but it is not salty at all.

Kanro Ame Hard Candy

Actually, the Kanro Ame candy is made by making the most of umami taste of Shoyu (soy sauce) and features a distinctive gentle sweetness favored by everyone. What is better, its aftertaste is refreshing, so you will never get tired of eating it.


Kanro Ame Candy ingredients and Nutrition Facts

As you can see in the photo above, the Kanro Ame is a simple candy made only from sugar, starch syrup, Shoyu (including wheat and soybeans), and salt. 


If you are interested in classic Japanese “Ame(飴)” candies, Kanro Ame is undoubtedly a must-try item, and if you give it a try, the good-old taste of the soy sauce candy will surely make you satisfied.

As a matter of fact, the recipe for the Kanro Ame candy has never been changed over the last 60 years.

Where to Buy

Kanro Ame is a hard candy that has long been loved by us Japanese for decades, so it is available in many supermarkets around the country.


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