Mitsubishi Uni-Ball RE: Knock-Type Erasable Ballpoint Pen

When I think of Japanese erasable ballpoint pens, what comes to my mind first is the Pilot FriXion erasable pen series.

This is because recently I have heard that the sales number of the FriXion pens has reached over a billion units in the world since the erasable pen first went on the market in 2006.

Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

Hence, regarding erasable ballpoint pens, it’s not too much to say that the Pilot FriXion series is one of the most popular and best-known products in the world.

You may actually have heard about the Japanese erasable pen because of its great popularity, but do you know another erasable ballpoint pen was newly released in January 2017 by another Japanese stationery maker?

Mitsubishi Uniball RE Pen


The erasable pen series put on the market in 2017 in Japan is a knock-type pen developed by MITSUBISHI PENCIL whose name is “Mitsubishi Uni-Ball RE”.

And as shown above, the original Uniball RE pen comes in eight different colors and the pen tip size is 0.5 mm.

vs. Pilot FriXion Pen

Although the Pilot FriXion and the Mitsubishi Uni-Ball Re pens are both knock-types, the former erasable pen is a side-click type, while the Mitsubishi Uni-Ball RE pen is an ordinary knock-type where the pen head is pushed down.


As for the Uni-Ball RE line, when the pen tip points upward, the knocking part with a special eraser for the pen ink is automatically locked so you can use the eraser as the image above shows.

Other than this, there is not much difference in performance between the Pilot FriXion pen and the Mitsubishi Uniball RE pen.


Lastly, for people who are interested in this Japanese erasable ballpoint pen, let me introduce the main features of the Uni-ball RE pen from the official website of Mitsubishi.

  • By rubbing the special eraser across the mark by the pen, when the temperature reaches over 60 C (140 Fahrenheit), the mark disappears. However, note that the ink color reappears when the temperature reaches below -10 C (14 Fahrenheit)
  • The special eraser generates almost no crumbs
  • You can erase and rewrite over and over without staining the paper


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