Kinako Milk: Basic Recipe and Health Benefits

“Kinako (きな粉)” is a traditional Japanese food made of whole soybeans that have been roasted and ground into powder. 

In addition to coating “Mochi (餅)” rice cake with it in the winter, we commonly use the soy flour Kinako in various ways throughout the year, for example, in sweet treats.

Kinako is a nutritious food and when it comes to the recipe, a healthy beverage made with it became a popular topic in Japan several years ago.

Kinako Milk

Kinako MilkImage: twitter @kankan1014

The wholesome beverage I introduce here is called Kinako Milk, which, as its name indicates, is a simple mixture of Kinako and milk. Hence, the basic recipe is also very simple.

Basic Recipe

For example, if you want 200 ml of Kinako Milk,

  1. Put a tablespoon of Kinako flour in a glass of 200 ml milk
  2. Then, stir well

That’s it. If you want to sweeten the milk, I recommend adding a teaspoon of honey. By the way, Kinako Milk can be served cold or hot depending on your mood.

Health Benefits


Kinako Milk is such a healthy drink rich in nutrients that it can bring you various benefits. 

Especially, the followings are the primary benefits of Kinako Milk. Because of these effects, in Japan, the milk beverage is particularly favored by women.

Elimination of Constipation

It is said that female hormone imbalance is a major cause of constipation, but Kinako Milk contains lots of soy isoflavones in addition to dietary fibers.

As the soy isoflavones work like a female hormone called Estrogen, the milk drink can help relieve constipation well.

Beautiful Hair and Skin

The soy isoflavones in Kinako Milk can also help keep your hair and skin supple, radiant, and beautiful. 

Besides, the components in Kinako, Lecithin protects the skin and Vitamin E has an antioxidant action. It goes without saying that Kinako Milk is rich in protein, which is one of the main components of hair and skin.


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