Chameshi: Green Tea Rice Recipe using Ito-En Oi Ocha

I wrote about Japan’s top-selling green tea PET bottle, Ito-En Oi Ocha (伊藤園 おーいお茶), in this article the other day.

The Japanese green tea has a gentle, smooth taste and is very easy to drink. Besides, it goes well in various dishes thanks to its mild flavor.

In fact, many recipes listed on Ito-En’s official Japanese website use Oi Ocha green tea, out of which, today, I will introduce an easy Chameshi (茶飯) recipe. 

Cha-Meshi (茶飯)


Cha-Meshi, literally Tea Rice, is a unique Japanese rice bowl dish made of non-glutinous Uruchi rice boiled in green tea (typically, Sencha or Hojicha) lightly seasoned with salt.

In addition to having a slightly salty taste, the cooked rice is characterized by its subtle green tea scent, known as a local specialty of Nara Prefecture.

As you can guess from the above, Chameshi is easy to make; Just with Ito-En’s regular Oi Ocha unsweetened green tea, you can effortlessly prepare authentic Japanese Chameshi rice.

Are you curious? For those who answer yes, here are the cooking instructions.

Recipe using Ito-En Oi Ocha

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Chameshi Recipe using Ito-En Oi Ocha (4 servings)
Ingredients Quantity
Polished rice 300 grams
Oi Ocha Unsweetened Green Tea 440 cc
Sake rice wine 1 tablespoon
Salt 1 teaspoon
  1. Wash the rice in water.
  2. Combine the rice with the salt, sake, and Ito-En Oi Ocha, and boil it.
  3. Serve the cooked rice in a bowl and enjoy the Chameshi!


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