Morinaga Ramune Soda Fizzy Candy Tablets

Have you ever heard of “Ramune (ラムネ)”? Actually, Ramune is a classic Japanese soda pop with its roots in lemonade. It is often said that the soda drink is one of Japan’s summer traditions, because Ramune is definitely sold at summer festivals in Japan.

I hear that the Japanese fizzy drink has been becoming popular in some countries in recent years, but do you know there is one more Ramune in Japan? Actually, the Ramune is available in candy form.

Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy

Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy

The Ramune is a classic Japanese sugar candy. As the name indicates, the sugar candy has a refreshing flavor similar to Ramune soda pop. Shaped like a tablet, it is chalky in texture and gives a slightly fizzy sensation when melting away. 

Morinaga Ramune Candy Tablets

The Ramune soda candy has been widely enjoyed in Japan since a long time ago and today comes in many varieties and flavors. Among those, this Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy is a long time favorite of Japanese people and has been widely loved in Japan for over 40 years.

Morinaga Ramune Fizzy Soda Candy

Hence, it is no exaggeration to say that the Morinaga Ramune Candy is one of the most beloved fizzy candies in Japan. The fizzy candy is not just famous nationwide in Japan, but it truly tastes great. Besides, sealed with a removal cap, the plastic bottle is convenient to carry around.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy Ingredients

Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy Nutrition Facts

Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy is a simple sugar candy made from dextrose, tapioca starch, milk calcium, acidifier, emulsifier, and flavoring. Especially, 90% of the food ingredient consists of dextrose. Based on the nutrition facts on the side of the bottle, a bottle of the Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy (29 g) has 108 kcal.


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