I Tried Making Corn Potage Soup with Umaibo Puffcorn

The other day, I shopped at a grocery store near my house and bought an assortment of nine different flavors of “Umaibo (うまい棒)”.

an assortment of 9 different flavors of Umaibo

If you are a Dagashi (cheap, unique, and relatively small Japanese snacks and candies) lover, you should know these Japanese corn puffs since Umaibo is a very famous Dagashi snack.

Umaibo, literally meaning “Delicious Stick” in Japanese, is a cylindrical bar-shaped puffed corn snack with a pleasant crispy texture and is sometimes said to be the King of Dagashi snacks.

Nonetheless, a stick of Umaibo only costs 10 yen (about 0.1 USD) in Japan, and besides, there are a rich variety of flavors in the series and many of them are very unique in taste.

Because of this, some Japanese like to use Umaibo as ingredients in dishes. They create their own recipes using the puffcorn and share them on the internet.

Today, I actually tried one of those recipes that became a topic of conversation on some Japanese websites before, which is on cookpad.com.

Corn Potage Soup Recipe Using Umaibo

Umaibo Corn Potage Flavor

Actually, I made corn potage soup only with Umaibo and milk and its making method was very easy. As you can guess if you know about Umaibo, you need to prepare a bar of Umaibo Corn Potage Flavor for this recipe.

For people who are interested in the corn potage soup recipe, here let me share the cooking process with videos.


Umaibo Corn Potage Flavor

The first step

If you take the Umaibo corn puff out of the bag, your hands will get dirty. So I crushed the bar of Umaibo Corn Potage into small pieces without taking the snack out of the packaging.

The second step

Put the small pieces of Umaibo in a small bowl as preparation for the next step.

The third step

As you can easily guess, here pour milk into the bowl. The making process is already near completion!

The fourth step

Then, heat the bowl of milk with the Umaibo powder in a microwave oven for one minute or so. Almost finished!

The final step

Take the bowl out from the microwave and enjoy the corn potage soup!

I tasted the soup and found its flavor close to real corn potage soup. However, it was weak in taste, so I added some salt as a finishing touch.


finish eating the soup

The corn potage soup was well seasoned with salt and I could eat it deliciously until the end, but honestly, the soup lacked the richness of flavor.

Despite that, this corn potage soup pretty satisfied me because the ingredients for this recipe only cost me dozens of yen!


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