I Tried Making Potato Potage Soup with Jagariko Sticks

Calbee is a leading Japanese snack food manufacturer with an overwhelming market share in Japan. Speaking of Calbee, loved by many Japanese, both adults and children, Calbee Jagariko and Calbee Potato Chips are 2 potato snacks that represent Japan.

Actually, today I bought the Calbee Jagariko Potato Stick Salad Flavor at a supermarket near my house, for I wanted to try making a soup dish with the potato fries.

Calbee Jagariko fired potato sticks salad

The potato stick Jagariko is produced by deep-frying steamed potatoes with tiny bits of carrot and parsley. It tastes great with a pleasant crispy texture, and because of those features, some Japanese like creating their own food recipes using the Japariko fries and post them on the internet.

Viewing one of them, I got curious about it, which is why I decided to make it, potato potage soup using Jagariko fries.

Potato Potage Soup Recipe using Calbee Jagariko Fries

According to the recipe on Rakuten, I prepared the following ingredients to make the potato potage soup.

Calbee Jagariko

Ingredient Quantity
Calbee Jagariko Salad (Amazon.com) About 15 sticks
Hot water 50 cc
Milk 100 cc
Salt and pepper A little


The cooking instructions are quite easy as follows.

1 IMG_1528 Crush 15 sticks or so of the Jagariko fries into tiny pieces using hands and put them into a cup
2 IMG_6993 Pour boiling water into the cup and wait until the pieces become soft
3 IMG_5515 Once they become soft, sprinkle some salt and pepper over it and stir well to make it like mashed potatoes
4 IMG_0827 Add milk little by little to the cup, stirring the mixture well
5 Potato Potage Soup with Calbee Jagariko Microwave the cup until hot and Enjoy!


The potato potage soup unexpectedly tastes pretty good. It isn’t weak in taste and has a nice thick consistency from potatoes. It may also be interesting and fun to make the soup with another flavor of Jagariko, I think.


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