3 Best and Most Beloved Japanese Rice Condiments

Rice is the staple of the Japanese diet, and we like to eat a bowl of white rice with something on top. There are a variety of foods that we enjoy commonly putting on the rice.

Typical examples of such things include fermented soybeans “Natto (納豆)”, pickled Ume plums “Umeboshi (梅干し)”, and spicy walleye pollack roe “Karashi-Mentaiko (辛子明太子)”.

In addition to these foods, we often use some condiments to add a delicious flavor to steamed plain rice.

In fact, if you have a chance to go to a supermarket in Japan, you will find a wide range of rice seasoning products lined up on the shelf.

3 Best Japanese Rice Condiments (Seasonings)

Out of those, today I will introduce 3 most representative and best Japanese rice condiments (seasonings) that have long been loved by people of all generations.

Momoya Gohandesuyo (桃屋 ごはんですよ)

Momoya Gohandesuyo Momoya Gohan-Desuyo

First off, produced and sold by “Momoya (桃屋)”, a Japanese food maker well-known for pickles and nori products, “Gohandesuyo (ごはんですよ)” is a long-selling rice condiment. 

This product was introduced into the market in 1963, and now it has become one of the most beloved rice seasonings in Japan.

The gelatinous black food generally called “Nori no Tsukudani (海苔の佃煮)” is made by simmering down seaweed laver in sweetened soy sauce.

Other than laver and soy sauce, the product mainly uses starch syrup, sugar, bonito and scallop extract, and agar.

With plenty of umami from bonito and scallop, this seaweed paste has a thick, somewhat viscous consistency.

The Nori no Tsukudani Momoya Gohandesuyo has a distinctive salty-sweet taste and anyone from adults to children can enjoy it with rice.

Marumiya Noritama (丸美屋 のりたま)

Marumiya NoritamaImage: marumiya.co.jp Marumiya Noritama

Next, “Noritama (のりたま)” is a “Furikake (ふりかけ)” rice seasoning consisting of dry mini flakes processed from various food materials such as meat, fish, seaweed, vegetables, and eggs, and used to sprinkle over rice.

Noritama was introduced by “Marumiya (丸美屋)”, Japan’s largest Furikake manufacturer, in 1960 and became a big hit in 1963 thanks to an anime seal attached to the product as a freebie.

Since then, this Furikake has been a standard rice condiment in Japan, and even now it holds the top share in the market.

Marumiya Noritama is mainly made up of finely shredded nori and sweet egg flakes, and other ingredients include chicken, sesame seeds, dried mackerel flakes, Matcha green tea powder, soy sauce, salt, and sugar.

This Japanese rice condiment has a delightful combination of the good aroma of nori seaweed and the gentle sweetness of egg flakes and pairs perfectly with white rice.

Momoya Taberu Layu (桃屋 食べるラー油)

Momoya Taberu Layu Momoya Taberu Layu

Lastly, “Taberu Layu (食べるラー油)” is actually a relatively new product mainly consisting of chili oil with crunchy fried garlic,

but now, it has already become one of the best-selling Japanese rice condiments and comes in various varieties.

Among others, Momoya Taberu Layu is known as one of the pioneers, which was introduced in 2009.  

As you may know, while regular Layu chili oil only consists of liquid, this chili oil from Momoya contains lots of savory ingredients such as fried garlic and onions.

Thus, it is only a little spicy but very rich in umami taste, and goes perfectly with plain white rice.


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