Hakka Ame : Classic Japanese Peppermint Candy

There are a variety of hard candies that are unique to Japan.

Among those, I suppose the hard candies with the flavor of umeboshi plums and the flavor of Matcha green tea are especially popular in overseas countries.

Other than these 2 flavors, there are several unique Japanese candies that I want you to know.

For example, “Kanro Ame (カンロ飴)” is a long-selling hard candy with umami of soy sauce, and “Kuro Ame (黒飴)” is a classic candy made using Okinawan brown sugar.

In addition to these, if I give one more representative example, Hakka Ame is the one that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Hakka Ame (ハッカ飴) 

Kasugai Hakka Ame

Image : Amazon.co.jp

Kasugai Hakka Ame Japanese Peppermint candy

Hakka Ame is the classic Japanese peppermint candy that has been widely enjoyed by us Japanese for a long time.

It is a simple hard candy typically made with Japanese peppermint, sugar, and starch syrup.


Hakka Ame is different from Western peppermint candies in taste and flavor.

The Japanese candy is characterized by its refreshing cool taste that comes from Japanese peppermint and the moderate sweetness that accentuates the cool taste.

Therefore, its aftertaste is also refreshing.

Although Hakka Ame is just a hard candy, not a cough drop, you will feel as if the hard candy soothed your throat.

Hence, if you try sucking on the Japanese peppermint candy for the first time, I think you will either love it or dislike it.


Colored Hakka AmeColored Hakka Ame

Image : Wikipedia

In Japan, many variations of Hakka Ame hard candies, from colored ones to clear transparent ones, are available in supermarkets.

Even among those, the above Hakka Ame from a major Japanese confectionery company “Kasugai Seika (春日井製菓)” has a right amount of sugar in addition to a moderate cool taste, making the candy easy to eat.


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