Kenko Nodoame: Kanro’s First Nodo-Ame Cough Drops

People who are delicate in health are apt to catch a cold during the cold winter months. Actually, I’m one of them, and when I catch a cold, I often have a sore throat.

When it comes to Japanese cough drops or the lozenge for a sore throat, “Ryukakusan (龍角散)” and “Kanro (カンロ)” are the top 2 leading companies with a large market share in Japan.

As I wrote an article about Ryukakusan before, at present the Japanese company has the best-selling herbal drops for sore throat in Japan.

However, Kanro is the first Japanese company that introduced cough drops called “Nodo-Ame (のど飴: literally Throat Candy)” into Japan’s market and is known as a pioneer of the Nodoame lozenges.

Kanro Kenko Nodo Ame (カンロ健康のど飴) 


The first Nodoame lozenge put on the market in 1981 by Kanro is this “Kenko Nodo Ame (健康のど飴)”, literally “Healthy Throat Candy”. 

The main ingredients in the lozenge are honey containing Chinese quince extract and various kinds of herbal extracts. What is better, the Nodoame drops contain no coloring or artificial sweeteners.

The Japanese lozenge is not that sweet and has the right amount of herb extract that gives you a pleasant refreshing sensation of menthol.

If you are looking for nice Japanese cough drops or Nodoame lozenges for curing a sore throat, the Kanro Kenko Nodo Ame is worth a try and is especially recommended to those who like herbal candy.


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