Nissin Tongarashi-Men Umami-Rich Spicy Seafood Ramen

I don’t like super spicy food, but I love eating moderately spicy instant noodles with plenty of umami ingredients.

Especially, in my daily life, I often buy a spicy seafood flavor instant cup ramen from Nissin called “Tongarashi-Men (とんがらし麺)”.

Nissin Tongarashimen Uma-Kara Seafood Flavor Instant Ramen

Nissin Tongarashi-Men Uma-Kara Seafood Flavor
The cup ramen shown above, Nissin Tongarashimen Uma-Kara Kaisen (Seafood) has been one of my favorite instant noodles for years.

In the name “Tongarashimen (とんがらし麺)”, Tongarashi is derived from Togarashi (chili pepper), while Men refers to noodles.

And in “Uma-Kara (うま辛)”, “Uma (うま)” stands for “Umai (美味い: delicious)” or “Umami”, while “Kara (辛)” is short for “Karai (辛い)” meaning “Spicy” in Japanese.


As you can see in the picture above, there is a blue sachet attached to the lid. It actually contains a spicy seasoning powder with which you can adjust the degree of spiciness of the seafood ramen according to your preference.

As a finishing touch, if you add all the spicy powder into the cup, the heat of the cooked ramen goes up to 780 units on the Scoville scale.

Even if you don’t add any, the noodle soup itself actually has already 495 Scoville heat units because of red chili pepper kneaded in the noodles and contained in the broth.

By the way, the dried garnishes mixed in with the orange-tinted noodle block are bits of cabbage, green onions, eggs, squid, and fish paste.


In taste, with a moderate spiciness that stimulates the appetite, the noodle soup of the Nissin Tongarashi-Men Uma-Kara Seafood is packed with lots of umami and quite addictive.  

And for its addicting deliciousness, I have loved this instant ramen for quite a long time.


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