Lotte Choco Pie: My Favorite Vanilla Cream Chocolate Cake

Since I was small, I have loved a small chocolate cake called “Choco Pie (チョコパイ)”. Even now, the confection is one of my favorite treats and sometimes I have a craving for it.

In fact, the other day I bought a Choco Pie product from Lotte at a drugstore near my house, which contains 9 packs of chocolate-coated vanilla cream sandwich pies.

But now, there is only one left in the bag, for I have already eaten the other 8 choco pies in one sitting.

Lotte Choco Pie

Lotte Choco Pie Cake

This is my favorite chocolate cake “Lotte Choco Pie”. As you might know, the chocolate cake has its roots in the American South, where the original choco pie called “Moon Pie” was first created in 1917.

Choco Pie became popular in Japan after World War Ⅱ when soldiers of the U.S. army brought the small chocolate cake to Japan. Incidentally, after that, in 1958, Morinaga started to sell Japan’s first choco pie “Angel Pie (エンゼルパイ)“.

My favorite choco pie, Lotte Choco Pie went on the market in 1983. The cake consists of vanilla cream sandwiched in between 2 small pancakes, which are further coated in a thin layer of chocolate.

The pancake itself has the right amount of moisture, while the vanilla cream filling is moderately sweet and melts in the mouth. Besides, their aftertaste is refreshing, so I can’t get enough of eating it.

By the way, according to this article, while in Japan many other long-selling sweets are slumping in sales, it seems that the Lotte Choco Pie series has been growing rapidly over the last few years.


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