Morinaga Angel Pie: Japan’s First “Choco Pie” Snack Cake

When it comes to the snack cake called “Choco Pie (チョコパイ)”, I think Lotte Choco Pie is one of the most popular brand names in the world.

Introduced into Japan’s market in 1983, the Lotte’s Choco Pie cake consists of 2 small round pancakes with fresh cream sandwiched, which are further thinly coated in chocolate.

You may know about Lotte Choco Pie, but have you ever heard of another famous Japanese chocolate pie, Morinaga’s “Angel Pie (エンゼルパイ)”?

Morinaga Angel Pie

Morinaga Angel Pie

Actually, the other day I went to a supermarket and got it for this blog article. Morinaga Angel Pie was created and introduced in 1958 by Morinaga Seika Confectionery.

Therefore, the Japanese snack cake Morinaga Choco Pie has a longer history than Lotte Choco Pie and is known as Japan’s first Choco Pie.

The Difference: Morinaga Angel Pie vs Lotte Choco Pie

Morinaga Angel PieMorinaga Angel Pie Cake

As you can see in the photo above, Morinaga Angel Pie consists of 2 layers of soft dampish biscuits with a cream marshmallow in between, which are further thinly coated in chocolate.

Lotte Choco PieLotte Choco Pie

On the other hand, as I mentioned above, the snack cake Lotte Choco Pie consists of 2 soft pancakes with a smooth fresh cream filling in the middle.

Unlike Lotte Choco Pie, when you bite into the Morinaga Choco Pie cake, you will find the texture of its marshmallow filling soft yet chewy.

Why Morinaga’s Choco Pie was named “Angel Pie”

According to the description on the side of the box, the reason why Morinaga’s Choco Pie was named “Angel Pie” is that at the time of its release Westerners called marshmallows “Angel food”.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Morinaga Angel Pie (Choco Pie) Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, based on the ingredient list and nutrition facts label, with 39 kcal per one piece (9 grams), the Japanese chocolate pie Morinaga Angel Pie mainly consists of wheat flour, chocolate, starch syrup, sugar, shortening, maltose, oligosaccharide, dextrose, hen’s egg, milk sugar, gelatin, cocoa powder, salt, brown sugar syrup, sorbitol, alcohol, soy-based emulsifier, swelling agent, and flavors.


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