Kameda Age Ichiban : Long-seller Deep-fried Senbei Rice Crackers

When it comes to the deep-fried Japanese rice crackers called “Age Senbei (揚げせんべい)”, KabukiAge (歌舞伎揚) (Amazon.com) is the most famous product in the Japan’s Kanto area around Tokyo, while in the Kansai area around Osaka, BonchiAge (ぼんち揚げ) (Amazon.com) is very popular, as I wrote about these 2 Age Senbei in my past article.

In addition to the 2 Age Senbei, when we Japanese talk about the deep-fried Japanese rice cracker, there is one more product that shouldn’t be forgotten. That is Kameda Age Ichiban.

Kameda Age Ichiban (亀田 揚一番)

Kameda – Age Ichiban deep-fried rice crackers

Kameda Age Ichiban is a popular and standard deep-fried Senbei rice cracker in Japan, which is also well-known as a long-seller. It was released in 1985 by Kameda Seika, a major Japanese confectionery company well-known for its Kaki no Tane, or Kameda Crisps (Amazon.com).

As Age Ichiban is a type of Senbei, the deep-fried rice cracker is made from non-glutinous rice. It is flavored with soy sauce, honey and sugar, and the taste is sweet rather than salty. As for the texture, it is light and crunchy like other Age Senbei.

The product has about 21 pieces of a bit small deep-fried rice crackers in the bag. The Age Senbei is easy to eat with a mild gentle taste so that I can’t get enough of it. In fact, not only I, but Kameda Age Ichiban has also been loved by many Japanese of all ages for decades.

By the way, Kameda Age Ichiban is known by the name of “Ichi” in Vietnam, where I hear the product is popular with a good reputation.


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