Maruchan Black Pork Curry Udon: My Favorite Instant Noodle

When you think of Maruchan’s instant cup noodles, what comes to mind? I guess many will probably bring to mind Maruchan Akai Kitsune Udon or Midori no Tanuki Soba.

As a matter of fact, these 2 cup noodles from Maruchan have been the favorites of Japanese people and have held a top share in the market for a long time.

Not only these, but Maruchan actually has one more standard instant udon, which I picked up today for this blog article.

Maruchan Kuroi Buta Curry Udon

Maruchan Black Pork Curry Udon Instant Noodle

What I introduce here is the instant udon bowl pictured above “Kuroi Buta Curry Udon (黒い豚カレーうどん)”.

In the product name, the word “Kuroi (黒い)” means “black” in Japanese, while “Buta (豚)”, literally meaning “pig”, stands for pork.

This instant curry udon was introduced by Maruchan more than 20 years ago and, now, is widely enjoyed in Japan.

Contents and Ingredients 

When you peel back the top paper lid, you will see these 2 packets on the dried udon noodle block.

The silver packet contains soup base powder, while the transparent one has dried garnishes consisting of bits of seasoned pork, onions, and carrots.


Maruchan Instant Curry Udon
The broth of this curry udon is somewhat thick and full of the flavor of curry, packed with the umami of pork and sweet onions. The soup is really delicious with a taste that both adults and children can like.

Meanwhile, the wheat noodles are flat and wide like Nagoya’s “Kishimen (きしめん)” noodles, which are well coated with the curry broth thanks to their thickness.

Price and Where to Buy

Do you want to try it? In Japan, the Black Pork Curry Udon is priced at 193 yen (about 1.8 USD) and is available in many supermarkets.


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