Sanko Yuki no Yado : Long-Selling Sweet Senbei Rice Cracker

“Senbei (煎餅)” is a traditional Japanese rice cracker made of non-glutinous rice called “Uruchi Mai (うるち米)”, the staple food of the Japanese.

The Japanese snack traditionally has a big round shape and is mainly seasoned with soy sauce or salt.

However, in modern times, Senbei comes in many different flavors and varieties, and some have a sweet taste.

In fact, the other day I went to a supermarket near my house and bought a package of Senbei of that kind.

Sanko-Seika Yuki no Yado 

Sanko Seika Yuki no Yado

The sweet Senbei rice cracker I purchased this time is this Sanko-Seika’s “Yuki no Yado (雪の宿)”.

The “Yuki no Yado (雪の宿)”, which literally means “snow-covered lodge”, is a long-selling Senbei rice cracker released in 1977 by “Sanko-Seika (三幸製菓)” Confectionery whose head office is in the city of Niigata.

As you can see in the photo above, the illustration of a lodging place whose roof is entirely covered with white snow is printed on the package front.

Sanko Yuki no Yado Senbei Rice Cracker

As the word “Yuki (雪)” means “Snow” in Japanese, this Japanese rice cracker has white spots on the surface which are associated with snow.

Actually, the sweet taste of this Senbei mainly comes from the icing.


According to the ingredient list on the back of the package, the Sanko Yuki no Yado Senbei mainly consists of rice (made in the United States, Japan and so on), sugar, powdered skim milk, milk sugar, fresh cream from Hokkaido, lactosucrose, gelatin, and powdered soy sauce.

From the ingredients, I guess the white stuff on the surface is made from sugar, powdered skim milk, milk sugar, fresh cream, lactosucrose and so on.


This Senbei especially features an addicting milky sweetness that comes from the white icing on the surface.

The rice cracker itself is slightly salty in taste, light and crispy in texture, resulting in melting in the mouth.

The taste balance between the rice cracker and the icing is great, making the Senbei a fabulous snack food.


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