Yuki no Yado: Sanko’s Classic Sweet Senbei Cracker

“Senbei (煎餅)” is a traditional Japanese cracker made from non-glutinous rice called “uruchimai (うるち米)”, the staple of the Japanese diet. 

The snack traditionally comes in a biggish round shape and is seasoned with soy sauce or salt.

In modern times, Senbei comes in many different flavors and varieties, and some even have a sweet taste, which includes what I introduce here, Sanko Seika’s Yuki no Yado.

Sanko Seika Yuki no Yado 

Sanko Seika Yuki no Yado

The above is the sweet Senbei cracker from the Niigata-based confectionery company Sanko Seika named “Yuki no Yado (雪の宿: meaning snow-covered lodge)”.

The product is one of Japan’s best and most loved sweet Senbei crackers, released in 1977.

Sanko Seika Yuki no Yado Senbei RIce Cracker

As its name means, the illustration of a lodge whose roof is entirely covered with white snow is on the package front.

“Yuki (雪)” means “snow” in Japanese, and the white icing dotted on the surface of this snack is associated with that.

Yuki no Yado Senbei Rice Cracker

Unlike traditional Senbei, this rice cracker is soft with a light texture and melts in your mouth.

In terms of taste, the cracker part is lightly salted, while the icing dots are sweet and milky. The combination is superb, making people addicted to it.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Sanko Seika Yuki no Yado Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

According to the ingredients and nutrition facts label on the back of the bag,

the Sanko Yuki no Yado cracker mainly consists of rice, sugar, skim milk powder, milk sugar, fresh cream from Hokkaido, lactosucrose, gelatin, and powdered soy sauce.

The calories per bag (24 pieces/162 grams) are 744 kcal, and the treats contain 2.4 g salt equivalents in total.


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