The Best Japanese Gummy Candy for me

I like trying new products of gummy candy that have come out one after another. In terms of the characteristic of gummies, many people will say that the treats are chewy in general.

In fact, most Japanese gummy candies have a chewy texture even though strictly speaking they are different in chewiness from one another.

Meanwhile, some gummies have a texture that isn’t chewy, and that also applies to the best Japanese gummy candy for me.

My Best Japanese Gummy Candy

UHA Mikakuto Kororo Gummy Candy Grape

All in all, I prefer sweet and sour gummies like UHA Mikakuto Shigekix, but the Japanese gummy candy I like the most, UHA Mikakuto Kororo is sweet and fruity.

First introduced in 2014 by “UHA Mikakuto (UHA味覚糖)”, Kororo has now become a very popular fruit gummy candy because of its addictive texture and delicious taste.


Kororo Gummy Grape

These Kororo gummies look like real grape grains and, in fact, have a delightfully soft texture very close to them.

The real fruit-like candy is made with concentrated fruit juice and contains the same amount of grape juice as an actual grape grain.

The inside is soft, but it is coated in a firm film of collagen, which makes the overall candy like a real grape grain.

Besides, as the gummy candy has plenty of fruit juice in it, its taste is also nicely fruity, and that makes the overall candy even closer to a real grape grain.


UHA Mikakuto Kororo Grape Gummy Candy ingredients

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients. Based on the label on the back of the bag, the main ingredients in the Kororo Grape Gummy Candy are sugar, fructose glucose liquid sugar, concentrated grape juice, starch syrup, and collagen.


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