3 Healthy Unique Japanese Sweet Milk Drink Recipes

When it comes to Japanese-style beverages using milk, I think Matcha Latte, or Green Tea Latte, is especially popular in many countries thanks to coffee chains like Starbucks.

Even though the Japanese-style latte is pretty well-recognized worldwide, there still exist a variety of unique drinks made with milk in Japan. If I give a representative example of such milk beverages, Kinako Milk, which I introduced in this past article, is something unlike any other in the world.

Other than Kinako Milk, you can find a lot of milk drink recipes unique to Japan on Japanese recipe sites, from which today let me introduce 3 easy-to-make healthy and sweet milk drink recipes that you may never have tried before.

Amazake Milk 

Amazake Milk

Firstly, Amazake Milk. “Amazake (甘酒)” is a traditional Japanese sweet beverage made from fermented rice. Although its name is associated with Sake rice wine, the Japanese drink is non-alcoholic and healthy.

And Amazake Milk is actually a simple mixture of Amazake and milk. This milk beverage became a topic of conversation on some Japanese websites before, and the basic recipe is very straightforward as follows.


  1. Pour 100ml of milk and 50ml of Amazake into a cup (glass)
  2. Stir well and enjoy! (this drink can be served hot or cold)

Hojicha Milk with Kinako

Hojicha Milk with KinakoImage and Source of recipe: Rakuten Recipe

As you may know, Hojicha is a type of roasted green tea. Since Hojicha Latte is popular in Japan, together with Matcha Latte, next let me introduce a Hojicha Milk recipe that is on the popular Japanese recipe site, Rakuten Recipe.

Actually, this milk drink recipe uses roasted soybean flour called Kinako, which is a traditional Japanese food packed with nutrients. Hence, as with Kinako Milk, this is a wholesome milk beverage from which you can expect various health benefits.


Ingredient Quantity
Strong Hojicha 100cc
Milk 80cc
Kinako 1 teaspoon
Brown sugar 1 teaspoon
  1. Put a small amount of milk, the Kinako flour, and the brown sugar in a cup and mix well until no lumps of Kinako are visible
  2. Pour the rest milk and Hojicha into the cup and microwave it until hot
  3. Stir well and enjoy!

Kinako Milk with Anko

Kinako Milk with AnkoImage and Source of recipe: Rakuten Recipe

As I mentioned above, Kinako Milk is a healthy drink made with Kinako soybean flour and milk, which became a hot topic in Japan a few years ago. And this Kinako Milk additionally contains sweet Azuki red bean paste “Anko (餡子)“, a traditional Japanese food.

Hence, this is a wholesome milk beverage with a very Japanese taste that comes from Kinako soybean flour and Anko sweet red bean paste.


Ingredient Quantity
Milk 150cc
Anko 2 teaspoons
Kinako 1 teaspoon
Sugar 1 teaspoon
  1. Microwave the milk until hot
  2. Add the Anko, Kinako, and sugar to the milk and stir well
  3. Enjoy!


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