UHA Geki-Shigekix: Sourest Japanese Gummy Candy

UHA Mikakuto Shigekix is a Japanese gummy candy popular for its stimulating taste. In fact, some people say that Shigekix is the king of sour gummies.

At present, the series comes in 3 different levels of sourness, and it is no exaggeration to say that the one with the highest level is the sourest Japanese gummy.

The other day when I shopped at a drugstore near my house, I found the maximum level of Shigekix and grabbed it because I wanted to know what it tastes like.

UHA Mikakuto Geki-Shigekix

UHA Mikakuto Geki-Shigekix

The name of the product I bought is UHA Mikakuto “Geki-Shigekix (激シゲキックス)“. In its name, “Geki (激)” means “intensely”, so from its meaning, you can guess this gummy candy is extremely sour and acidic.

When you see the upper right corner of the package front, you can find that this Shigekix candy has the maximum level of sourness “Suppa Level 5 (スッパレベル5)”. 

UHA Geki-Shigekix Gummy Candy

The bag only contains 7 round pieces of gummies. They are coated with particulate white powder. By the way, this Shigekix has a lemon flavor.

I cut it with scissors to check the inner part. By doing so, I found that the gummy candy itself indeed looks like it has a lemon flavor. The candy inside has a hard chewy texture and is sweet, not that sour.

Sourest Japanese Gummy Candy

As I expected, the extremely stimulating taste of this treat mainly comes from the whitish coating on the surface. When I finished the bag, I noticed that beads of sweat stood on my forehead.


UHA Mikakuto Geki-Shigekix Gummy Candy Ingredients

Lastly, for those who are curious about the ingredients in this Geki-Shigekix candy, here is the list.

According to that, it mainly consists of sugar, gelatin, concentrated juice (lemon, apple), starch syrup, acidifier, sterilized lactic acid bacteria beverage, vitamin C, and high fructose corn syrup.


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