Shiroi Fusen – Nostalgic white Senbei rice crackers with chocolate cream

When it comes to traditional Japanese snacks, what comes to my mind right away is Senbei. Senbei, together with Okaki and Arare, is known as one of the traditional Japanese rice crackers.Although, traditionally, the rice snack is commonly seasoned with salt or soy sauce, there also exist sweet Senbei today.

Speaking of Senbei rice crackers with a sweet taste, there are roughly 2 types, the one whose cracker itself is flavored with something sweet and the other consisting of 2 rice crackers with sweet stuff in between.

Kameda Potapota Yaki and Sanko Yuki no Yado fall under the former type.Among Senbei rice crackers of the latter type, if I give a representative example, Kameda Shiroi Fusen is what pops into my head first.

Kameda Shiroi Fusen – The nostalgic white Senbei sandwiched with chocolate cream

The reason why this white Senbei is familiar to me is that I used to eat it in my childhood.My nostalgic rice snack, Shiro Fusen (白い風船) was released in 1982 by Kameda-Seika, the Japanese confectionery company well-known for its Kameda Crisps (, or Kaki no Tane (

Even now this rice snack is popular as a long-seller item and available at many supermarkets in Japan.As the product name, “Shiroi Fusen (白い風船)” literally means “white balloon” in Japanese, the rice cracker looks kind of like a white balloon.

The snack consists of 2 white Senbei rice crackers sandwiched together with chocolate cream.

This white Senbei has a light and crispy texture that melts in the mouth.Speaking of the taste, the outer Senbei is quite plain and light, while the inside chocolate cream is pretty sweet.Therefore, this Japanese rice snack has a nice balance in taste and texture.

The ingredients of Kameda Shiroi Fusen

Since this snack is a type of Senbei, the main ingredient is non-glutinous rice.The other ingredients include cocoa powder, cacao mass, starch, whole milk powder, milk sugar, sugar, salt, calcium and so on.Plus, 10 billion of the rice-originating lactic acid bacterium “K-2”.


Kameda Shiroi Fusen has a soft and light texture as compared to general Senbei rice crackers.In addition, it is sweet in taste.Hence, this Japanese rice cracker is recommended as a treat for children.Of course, grown-ups can also enjoy it just like I do.If you get a chance, just give it a try and you will like it.As I wrote above, Kameda Shiroi Fusen is being sold at many supermarkets in Japan.


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