Potapota Yaki: Kameda’s Classic Sweet Senbei Cracker

“Senbei (煎餅)” is a traditional Japanese cracker made from non-glutinous rice called “Uruchimai(うるち米)”, the staple of the Japanese diet.

The snack typically has a biggish round shape and is seasoned with soy sauce or lightly salted.

Thus, the majority of Senbei available at stores in Japan are salty/savory. But some, including Sanko Yuki no Yado, have a sweet taste rather than salty.

Yuki no Yado is one of Japan’s best and most loved sweet Senbei from Sanko Seika Confectionery, and what I introduce here Kameda Seika’s Potapota Yaki is also among them.

Kameda Seika Potapota Yaki (亀田製菓 ぽたぽた焼)

Kameda Seika Potapota Yaki

As with Yuki no Yado, the sweet Senbei from Kameda Seika Confectionery, “Potapota Yaki (ぽたぽた焼)” has been a favorite among Japanese people for decades.

The product was introduced into the market in 1986 when I was a kid, and I fell in love with this right after the first bite.


These are Pota Pota Yaki Senbei. As you can see in the photo, they are brushed with sweet soy sauce applied only to one side.

The surface is dry and doesn’t stick to your fingers.

Unlike regular Senbei, these crackers are soft with a light texture and melt in your mouth.

They have a gentle sweetness that everyone can like, favored by children and adults alike.


Kameda Seika Pota-Pota Yaki Senbei Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Based on the ingredients and nutrition facts label on the back of the bag,

the Kameda Potapota Yaki cracker mainly consists of Uruchimai rice, sugar, starch, vegetable oil, soy sauce, salt, and powdered yeast extract and is free from chemical seasonings.

The calories per bag (20 pieces) are 520 kcal.


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    Hi Tomo, your blog is very helpful! I’m trying to find information on Japanese products and I find all the information I need here. Thanks! 🙂

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      Thank you for commenting and you are welcome!
      I’d love to find and introduce interesting Japanese products from now on too here on this blog!

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