Meiji Kajyu Gummy: A Popular Fruit Candy from Japan

When it comes to Japanese fruit gummies, as I wrote in this article, UHA Mikakuto Kororo is one of my favorite products because of its addicting real-fruit-like texture and tasty fruitiness. Actually, Kororo is a new type of gummy candy that hadn’t been around in Japan until it was introduced by UHA Mikakuto in 2014.

Since then, I have loved the Kororo gummies, but also, there are several standard fruit gummy candies that have been widely enjoyed by Japanese people for decades, and if I give a quintessential example, what comes to my mind first is “Kajyu Gummy (果汁グミ)” from Meiji.

Meiji Kajyu Gummy (明治 果汁グミ)

Meiji Kajyu Gummy Candy Grape Flavor

As “Kajyu (果汁)” is the Japanese word for fruit juice, Meiji Kajyu Gummy is a fruit juice-contained gummy candy that comes in several regular flavors, and among them, this grape flavor is especially popular.

The Kajyu fruit gummi was introduced by Meiji Seika Confectionery in 1988 and now it has become one of the standard fruit gummy candy series in Japan.


Meiji Kajyu Grape Gummy Candies

As its name suggests, the Japanese treat, Meiji Kajyu Gummy is characterized by its rich fruitiness and besides contains plenty of collagen in it.

In fact, these grape gummies are made with concentrated fruit juice, and a single piece contains the same amount of grape juice as an actual grape grain.

What is better, as mentioned above, a bag (51 grams) of the Meiji’s grape gummy candy contains 2700 mg of collagen in total and uses no food coloring.

As for the texture and taste, these grape bunch-shaped gummies are somewhat hard, chewy with a very rich, fragrant grape flavor to them.

Ingredients and Calories

Meiji Kajyu Gummy Candy Grape Flavor Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, according to the ingredient list and nutrition facts on the back of the package, with 167 kcal per one bag (51 grams), the Meiji Kajyu grape gummy candy mainly consists of concentrated grape juice, starch syrup, sugar, gelatin, starch, acidifier, and flavoring.


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