How to make Chilled Ramen with Instant Cup Noodles and Cold Water

The summer season is nearly upon us.In fact, it is getting hotter day by day here in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

The hotter it gets, the more chilled foods and drinks attract me.When it comes to chilled drinks for summer, many people will be reminded of beer, but when you hear chilled foods for summer, what comes to your mind?

As for me, what pops into my head first is Hiyashi Chuka (冷やし中華), which consists of cold noodles in a little broth and toppings such as roast pork, eggs, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Hiyashi Chuka is a noodle dish that has its origin in Japan, so there are few Japanese but know the summer noodles.As a matter of fact, you can order Hiyashi Chuka noodles at many Ramen shops in Japan only during the summer season.

As there are no instant Hiyashi Chuka noodles, it takes time to make the cold summer noodles.Besides it might be a little difficult to make tasty Hiyashi Chuka unless you use the base of the summer noodles available at supermarkets in Japan.

In spite of the fact, you can enjoy chilled ramen like Hiyashi Chuka easily if you have instant cup noodles.What is better, it is really easy to make chilled ramen with instant cup noodles.

How to make Chilled Ramen with Instant Cup Noodles and Cold Water

What you need to prepare for making chilled ramen are only 2 items, an instant cup ramen and cold water.Here are the basic way to make chilled ramen with instant cup noodles and cold water.

The instructions

1. Pour cold water up to the inside line of an instant cup ramen

2. Cool the instant cup ramen in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour

3. After the waiting time pass, take out the instant cup ramen from the refrigerator

4. Loosen the noodles, then, if you want to, add ice cubes and toppings you like.This time I added an Umeboshi plum to the cup since the pickled Ume plum goes well with Nissin Cup Noodles.

5. Enjoy chilled ramen !

Why don’t you try this recipe?

You can make chilled ramen using whatever instant cup ramen you like, though I made this chilled ramen with Nissin Cup Noodles Soy Sauce ( that has the top share in the Japan’s instant cup noodles market.

The chilled ramen is as tasty as the one served hot, so why don’t you try this recipe in the summer if you are interested?


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