Glico Cheeza: Best Japanese Cheese Crackers for Beer

The hot summer season perfect for icy chilled beer is just around the corner here in Japan. When Japanese people think of snack food for beer, many will probably bring to mind “Otsumami (おつまみ)”.

Otsumami is the Japanese generic name for finger foods and nibbles eaten with alcoholic drinks, and the representative example includes Kamaboko, and squid snacks such as Saki-Ika and Surume .

Kamaboko and those dried squid are traditional Japanese foods with a long history, while when it comes to modern Japanese Otsumami, I think Chiitara is one of the most loved varieties.

Other than Chiitara, there are a bunch of Otsumami with a distinctive umami taste, and those Japanese snacks go perfectly with beer. Out of them, today I picked up one of my favorites for this blog article.

Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese Flavor

What I introduce today is this Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese Flavor. It is a relatively new product from Glico, but it has already gained wide popularity and become one of the standard Otsumami.

Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese Crackers

The reason why I love this flavor is that these cheese crackers are packed with the delicious umami of cheddar cheese and the taste just suits my taste. In fact, the dough is made by mixing with fresh cheese and then baked crisply.


Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese Flavor Ingredients

As a matter of fact, the Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese cracker contains as much as 53 % of natural cheddar cheese. Incidentally, the other main ingredients include milk sugar, starch, salt, fermented seasoning, onion seasoning, and yeast extract.

Taste and Texture

Glico Cheeza Cheese Crackers

As I mentioned above, these crackers are really savory and delicious with lots of umami. Not only the taste but the Cheeza cheese cracker is also excellent in texture, delightfully crispy!


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