Mugi Choco: Dagashi Chocolate-Covered Puffed Grains


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  1. Robert Clemente says:

    It’s NOT barley. It says on the label “小麦パフ”. 小麦 is wheat, 大麦 is barley: 大麦 【おおむぎ(P); オオムギ】 (n) barley.

    I see this error a lot, I suppose it’s due to Nihongo using “mugi” for both. Anyway, it’s mechakucha oishii snack! 🙂

    • Tomo says:

      Thank you, Robert, for the comment and pointing out the error!

      I’m going to correct it later!
      Mugi Choco Meccha Oishii Desuyone 🙂

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