Mugi Choco: Classic Chocolate-Covered Puffed Grains

In many countries, chocolate is one of the most common ingredients for snacks and candies.

This of course also applies to Japan where there are a large variety of chocolate treats that have long been loved.

Among those, when I think of the best and most beloved products, what comes to my mind right away is “Mugi Choco (むぎチョコ: literally Wheat or Barley Chocolate)”.

Mugi Choco (麦チョコ, むぎチョコ)

Takaoka Foods Mugi Choco

Actually today, I bought 2 small bags of Mugi Choco for this blog article. One bag of these chocolate grains only costs 30 yen (about 0.3 USD) and Mugi Choco is a snack classified into “Dagashi (駄菓子)”.

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Mugi Choco Japanese Chocolate-Covered Puffed Grain Snack

Mugi Choco is a classic Dagashi treat made of puffed wheat or barley thinly coated with a chocolate glaze, which is why the surface has a shine.

Mugi Choco Chocolate-Covered Puffed Wheat

The Japanese puffed snack is light but not that fluffy. Its outer chocolate covering features a mild milky sweetness, while the puffed grain interior has a soft crunch. 

Mugi Choco is such a cheap and delicious chocolate snack that the Dagashi treat is especially popular with children.

Ingredients and Calories 

Mugi Choco Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Next, let’s see the ingredients and nutrition facts. Based on the lists pictured above, with 63 kcal per bag (13 grams), the Takaoka Foods’ Mugi Choco I picked up this time is made from sugar, cacao mass, milk sugar, puffed wheat, whole milk powder, vegetable fat and oil, cocoa powder, emulcifier, flavoring, gum arabic, and glaze.

Where to Buy

Mugi Choco Grains

In Japan, Mugi Choco has been a long-time favorite chocolate snack loved by both children and adults, so it can be bought at many convenience stores and every supermarket.


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2 Responses

  1. Robert Clemente says:

    It’s NOT barley. It says on the label “小麦パフ”. 小麦 is wheat, 大麦 is barley: 大麦 【おおむぎ(P); オオムギ】 (n) barley.

    I see this error a lot, I suppose it’s due to Nihongo using “mugi” for both. Anyway, it’s mechakucha oishii snack! 🙂

    • Tomo says:

      Thank you, Robert, for the comment and pointing out the error!

      I’m going to correct it later!
      Mugi Choco Meccha Oishii Desuyone 🙂

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