Namaiki Beer: Classic Draft-Beer-like Soft Drink for Kids

As I wrote about it many times in the past, “Dagashi (駄菓子)” is a snack genre unique to Japan that is comprised of cheap, unique junk foods particularly for kids, and popular Dagashi treats include these 10 items I introduced before.

Dagashi has a long history and today comes in various types and countless varieties. For example, if I give an interesting example of Dagashi snacks, even the base powder of soft drinks exists. Correctly, it isn’t powdery but like Ramune tablets.

By the way, have you ever watched the Japanese anime “Dagashi Kashi (だがしかし)”? In the manga, a Japanese beverage famous as a Dagashi actually appears and I have the base tablet now for this blog article.

Namaiki Beer (生いきビール)

A Package of Namaiki Beer and Cold Water

The name of the Dagashi I introduce this time is “Namaiki Beer (生いきビール)”, which isn’t an alcoholic beverage for adults, but a non-alcoholic soft drink for children.

As you may know, the Japanese word for draft beer is “Nama Beer (生ビール)”, but in the Dagashi name, the 3 letters “iki (いき)” have been added to the word “Nama (生: literally, raw)”.

When the word changes from “Nama (生)” to “Namaiki (生いき or 生意気)”, literally meaning “cheeky”, the name of the product loosely means “beer for cheeky kids”.

In Japan, Namaiki Beer only costs 30 yen (about 0.3 USD) and can be found in some supermarkets, and the product contains 2 Ramune candy-like pastilles in the sachet.


Along with the white pastilles, I prepared a 120ml cold glass of water. Yes, for enjoying the Dagashi soft drink, you need to simply put the 2 base tablets at the same time into the water. 

Now, let’s get the preparation started. Once dropping in the 2 base tablets, the ingredients dissolved quickly and carbon dioxide gas was generated.

About 30 seconds later, the water was getting yellowish and a froth was being gradually formed on the surface of the water.

Namaiki Beer Draft Beer Like Soft Drink

When 2 minutes had passed, the liquid became golden and frothy just like draft beer. Lastly, here is the making process video.


Namaiki Beer Ingredients

Next, let’s see the ingredients. On the back of the sachet, you can find the list. According to that, the base tablets for the Dagashi Namaiki Beer mainly consist of milk sugar, sugar, malt sugar, reduced maltose starch syrup, sodium bicarbonate, acidifier, and sweeteners.


Namaiki Beer

The Japanese Dagashi soft drink, Namaiki Beer features a refreshing flavor that comes from its malt components. The treat isn’t bitter at all, but is sweet, really easy to drink, and unexpectedly yummy! So I think adults can also enjoy it.

Namaiki Beer not only tastes good but preparing this beverage is just interesting and fun. I don’t know whether base tablets for soft drinks like this are available outside of Japan, but if you are curious about the taste, the Dagashi, Namaiki Beer is absolutely worth a try!


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