Kintsuba : What type of Japanese Wagashi sweet is this?

Wagashi (和菓子)” is the Japanese word that mainly refers to traditional Japanese confections.It seems that nowadays various types of wagashi sweets are available in many overseas countries and some of them are becoming popular.

For example, the gadget cat from the future, Doraemon’s “yummy buns”, or “Dorayaki (どら焼き)” is well-known in the world.However, there exist a bunch of traditional wagashi sweets in Japan of which many overseas people have never heard before.

If I give an example of such traditional Japanese sweets, “Kintsuba (きんつば)” is probably barely known outside Japan because it is a famous wagashi with a long history, but not so popular in Japan.Then, what type of wagashi confection is Kintsuba?

Kintsuba (きんつば)

Source : Wikipedia Japan

Traditionally, Kintsuba, or Kintsuba-yaki is made of sweet red bean paste covered with thin flour dough, and it has a flat, round shape like the Japanese sword guard called “Tsuba (つば)”.As you can guess, the word included in the confection name, “Tsuba” comes from the shape.The former word, “Kin (きん, or 金)” means gold, by the way.

The origin

The origin of Kintsuba dates back to the mid Edo period (Edo : 1603 to 1868), when the Japanese confection was created in Osaka.At that time, Kintsuba was called “Gintsuba (銀つば)” and made using rice flour.

After that, in the late 17th century, the wagashi was introduced to Edo (present Tokyo), where the ingredient of the dough was changed from rice flour to wheat flour, and the name also from Gintsuba to Kintsuba because “Kin (金 : gold)” is more valuable than “Gin (銀)” meaning silver.

The variety

In modern times, the most common type of Kintsuba is brick-shaped and consists of the mashed sweet bean paste jellied with agar that is covered with thin flour dough.The brick-type is called “Kaku Kintsuba (角きんつば)”.

The other major types of Kintsuba include “Satsuma Kintsuba (薩摩きんつば)”, or “Imo Kintsuba (芋きんつば)”, which is made of sweet potato paste (called “Imo Yokan“) coated with thin flour dough.

Where to buy Kintsuba

The traditional wagashi confection, Kintsuba is being sold at many supermarkets and some convenience stores in Japan.


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