50 Japanese Words for Fish in Sushi

“Sushi (寿司)” is a traditional dish in Japanese cuisine that is widely enjoyed in many countries around the world. As you may know, Sushi comes in many types and varieties, which include these 3 types of Sushi I talked about the other day.

By the way, have you ever eaten Sushi at Sushi restaurants in Japan? Nowadays, some Sushi restaurants in Tokyo have English menus, but in case not, today I will introduce 50 “Sakana (魚: fish)” names for Sushi toppings in Japanese.

50 Fish Names for Sushi Toppings in Japanese

Sushi Ingredient Names in Japanese

As far as the Sushi served in the Japanese Sushi restaurant is concerned, it will be sufficient to remember the following fish (Sakana) names for ordering. These are Japanese words for Sushi ingredients or toppings that are commonly offered by Sushi restaurants in Japan.

26 Fish Names

Name Pronunciation In English
マグロ (鮪)  Maguro Tuna
アジ(鯵) Aji Horse mackerel
タイ(鯛) Tai Sea bream
サバ(鯖) Saba Mackerel
ブリ(鰤) Buri Yellowtail
ヒラメ(鮃) Hirame Flatfish
スズキ(鱸) Suzuki Sea bass
アナゴ(穴子) Anago Conger eel
うなぎ(鰻) Unagi Freshwater eel
イワシ(鰯) Iwashi Sardine
カツオ(鰹) Katsuo Bonito
キス(鱚) Kisu Whiting
サケ(鮭) Sake Salmon
サワラ(鰆) Sawara Spanish mackerel
サンマ(秋刀魚) Sanma Saury
カレイ(鰈) Karei Righteye flounder
タチウオ(太刀魚) Tachiuo Large head hairtail
サヨリ(細魚) Sayori Halfbeak
コハダ(小鰭) Kohada Gizzard Shad
ニシン(鰊) Nishin Herring
タラ(鱈) Tara Cod
めばち(目鉢) Mebachi Bigeye tuna
マス(鱒) Masu Trout
ハマチ(鰤) Hamachi Young yellowtail
ハタハタ(鰰) Hatahata Sandfish
トビウオ(飛魚) Tobiuo Flying fish

12 Shellfish and Mollusk Names

Name Pronunciation In English
あまえび(甘海老) Ama-Ebi Sweet shrimp
くるまえび(車海老) Kuruma-Ebi Prawn
シャコ(蝦蛄) Shako Mantis shrimp
イカ(烏賊) Ika Squid
たこ(蛸) Tako Octopus
アワビ(鮑) Awabi Abalone
アカガイ(赤貝) Akagai Red clam
ツブガイ(螺) Tubugai Whelk
ほたて(帆立) Hotate Scallop
ハマグリ(蛤) Hamaguri Orient clam
タラバガニ(鱈場蟹) Taraba-Gani Red king crab
ズワイガニ(楚蟹) Zuwaigani Snow crab

5 Roe Names

Name Pronunciation In English
うに(雲丹) Uni Sea urchin roe
いくら(魚卵) Ikura Salmon roe
とびこ(飛子) Tobiko Flying fish roe
かずのこ(数の子) Kazunoko Herring roe
まさご(真砂子) Masago Capelin roe

Other 7 Words for Sushi Ingredients

Name Pronunciation In English
マグロ 赤身 Maguro Akami Lean tuna
大トロ O-Toro Fatty tuna
中トロ Chu-Toro Medium fatty tuna
ねぎトロ Negi-Toro Minced fatty tuna with  green onions
カニみそ Kani-Miso Crab brains
あん肝 Ankimo Monkfish liver
えんがわ Engawa Flounder Fin


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