Jaga Bata : The Easy Butter Potato Recipe using Microwave Oven

The cherry-blossom viewing season, or the season for “Ohanami (お花見)” is just around the corner here in Japan. When it comes to Ohanami, many Japanese prefer various foods offered by street stalls in the festival to enjoying the scenery.

As a matter of fact, you can enjoy many varieties of Japanese snack foods in the Ohanami festival, including the 10 foods I introduced last year. Even among those, “Jagabata (じゃがバター)” is one of my favorites.

What is Jagabata (Jaga Bata)?

Actually, the name of the Japanese snack food, Jagabata is composed of 2 words, “Jaga (じゃが)” and “bata (バター)”. The former, Jaga is an abbreviation for “Jagaimo (じゃがいも)”, which means “potato” in Japanese, while the latter, Bata stands for butter.

As you can guess from the snack name, Jaga Bata is a simple dish consisting basically of soft and flaky potatoes and butter, but many of us Japanese love the festive food that makes us feel nostalgic. You might wonder how Japanese make it. For those who are interested in how to make Jaga Bata, I actually made the hearty Japanese butter potatoes, so this time I want to share the Jaga bata recipe.

The Easy Jaga Bata Recipe using Microwave Oven

The main ingredients you need to prepare are potatoes and butter. With a microwave oven, you can make Jaga Bata very easily and quickly. Thus, this time I made the Japanese butter potatoes using a microwave. Now, let’s start cooking with me. Here are the instructions.

The instructions

1. Remove the eyes from potatoes and wash the potatoes, but don’t remove the wetness completely

2. Without peeling the skin, wrap the whole potatoes with some moisture in plastic wraps. Then, microwave them at 600w for about 5 minutes

3. Remove the plastic wraps and cut the whole potato into the shape of a cross

4. Place a pat of butter in the cross

5. If you want some saltiness and umami taste, sprinkle salt and a Japanese super seasoning “Ajinomoto” (Amazon.com).

6. Enjoy Jaga Bata potatoes with melting butter!

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