Ryukakusan Herbal Candy for Sore Throat

Since a few days ago I have had a scratchy throat, so now I am sucking on a “Nodoame (のど飴)” to soothe it.

Actually, Nodoame is the Japanese word for cough drops including herbal candies, and the Nodoame introduced by “Kanro (カンロ)” in 1981 is known as the first Nodoame in Japan.

Kanro is a Japanese food company especially well-recognized for its hard candies, so not only sweet treats but the company also produces and sells herbal candies as Nodoame.

I love Kanro’s sweet treats, especially their classic “Kanro Ame (カンロ飴)“. However, when it comes to herbal candy for a sore throat or scratchy throat, I favor a certain product from “Ryukakusan (龍角散)”.

Ryukakusan Nodo Sukkiri Ame (龍角散 のどすっきり飴)

Ryukakusan Nodo Sukkiri Ame

My favorite Nodoame herbal candy is the pictured product whose name is “Ryukakusan Nodo Sukkiri Ame (龍角散 のどすっきり飴)”, which I’m sucking on now.

Unlike Kanro, Ryukakusan is a Japanese pharmaceutical company specializing in throat medicines and lozenges.

Ryukakusan Nodo Sukkiri Ame Herbal Candy

Actually, the Ryukakusan herbal candy Nodo Sukkiri Ame is one of the best-selling cough drops in Japan.

Not only has it gained wide popularity among consumers in Japan, but Ryukakusan’s throat medicines and lozenges are also very popular in China where they are known as miracle medicines.


Ryukakusan Nodo Sukkiri Ame Ingredients

Regarding the ingredient, in addition to Ryukakusan’s original herb powder consisting mainly of chamomile and Chinese quince, the herbal candy Nodo Sukkiri Ame also contains 19 different kinds of herb extracts.

And the other ingredients include sugar, starch syrup, flavoring, caramel, chlorophyll, and acidifier.


When my throat feels scratchy or sore, this Ryukakusan’s herbal candy always helps me. It is not sweet but easy to eat and relieves pain from the throat very well. 

The deep-green herbal candy has an immediate effect and makes my throat feel refreshed when it’s sore or scratchy. 


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