Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen Instant Ramen from Lawson

As I wrote about it the other day, recently I purchased 2 instant ramen cups in a “Lawson (ローソン)” convenience store, that is, Nissin Ebisoba Ichigen and Myojo Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen from Lawson’s “Meiten Series (名店シリーズ : Famous Ramen Shop Series)”.

Since I already tried the former Nissin Ebisoba Ichigen several days ago and wrote an article about the instant cup ramen, this time I enjoyed the latter Myojo Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen instant noodles.

Myojo Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen

Myojo Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen

This “Shingeki Tanmen (辛激タンメン)” instant cup ramen was created through the collaboration between a leading Japanese instant noodles manufacturer “Myojo (明星)” and a popular Tokyo-based ramen chain “Tokyo Tanmen Tonari (東京タンメン トナリ)”, and was released in March this year.

Originally, “Tanmen (タンメン)” is a bowl of salt-based noodle soup topped with plenty of vegetables that is eaten mainly in the Kanto region around Tokyo, but the Shingeki Tanmen is a Tonkotsu-based noodle dish with the broth made with pork bones.

You can eat Tonari’s actual Shingeki Tanmen in its restaurants for 850 yen (about 8.5 USD).

As for the Tonari’s instant ramen, on top of the cup, there is a red sachet pasted, which contains “Shingeki (辛激)” paste. The Japanese term, “Shingeki (辛激)” means “extremely spicy”, so Shingeki Tanmen literally refers to extremely spicy Tanmen noodles. 


When you peel off the paper lid about halfway, you will see lots of dried ingredients scattered over the dried noodles, which consist of soup base powder and dried toppings such as cabbage, Chashu roast pork, carrot, bean sprouts, Chinese chive, and cloud ear mushroom.

Cooking Instructions 

The way to cook this instant cup ramen isn’t complicated: Just pour boiling hot water up to the inside line of the cup,

Close the lid and let the noodles sit and cook for 5 minutes.

5 minutes later, remove the paper lid and add super spicy Shingeki paste to the cup as a final touch.

Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen Instant Cup Noodles

Lastly, stir all the ingredients well and you can enjoy the Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen instant ramen.


Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen Instant Cup Ramen

Although this Shingeki Tanmen instant ramen has a pretty stimulating flavor, I think a 7-Eleven-Japan-limited instant cup ramen Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto is spicier than this one.

This is probable because the soup broth for the Shingeki Tanmen is Tonkotsu-based. In fact, the richness of the pork bone broth offsets the spiciness of the Shingeki paste and makes the aftertaste mild.

As with those of Nissin Ebisoba Ichigen, I think the noodles in the Shingeki Tanmen are normal in quality. 


Myojo Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shigeki Tanmen Ingredients

Finally, according to the ingredient list on the cup, the soup base for Myojo Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen consists of lard, pork, chicken extract, sweeteners, spices, starch, protein hydrolyzate, miso soybean paste, salt, wheat flour, flavorings, seafood extract, flavor oil, vegetable fat and oil, dextrin, unrefined soy sauce, XO sauce, and chili bean sauce.

In Conclusion

Myojo Tokyo Tanmen Tonari Shingeki Tanmen tastes pretty good, so I think the instant ramen is worth a try at least once. Basically, it is available only in Japan’s Lawson convenience stores.


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