3 Must-Try Wasabi-Flavored Japanese Snack Foods

“Wasabi (わさび)” is a spicy pungent condiment essential for Sashimi fresh raw fish slices and Sushi, which, in fact, can remove the fishy odor.

The green paste is made by grinding the ground rhizomes of Japanese horseradish and is available in small tube containers, like this (Amazon.com), at grocery stores in Japan.

Wasabi is not only used in Japanese cuisine, but in Japan, the pungent green paste is often used as a natural flavoring ingredient for snack foods as well.

In fact, if you have a chance to go shopping at a supermarket in Japan, you will find a wide variety of Wasabi-flavored snack foods in the snack and candy section.

3 Long-Selling Wasabi Snacks in Japan

Out of those, today I will introduce 3 popular Wasabi snacks that have been widely enjoyed in Japan for decades.

Kaki no Tane Wasabi (柿の種 わさび)

Kaki no Tane Rice Cracker Wasabi Kameda Seika Kaki no Tane Rice Cracker Wasabi

Kaki no Tane (柿の種)” is one of the most famous rice crackers in Japan that was first created by “Naniwaya Seika (浪花屋製菓)” Confectionery in 1923.

It is made by baking rice dough, not frying, and flavored with soy sauce and red chili pepper.

As the name “Kaki no Tane (柿の種)” means “persimmon seeds”, the snack food is associated with persimmon.

Today, many Japanese food companies produce Kaki no Tane rice crackers, which often come with roasted peanuts and are available in various flavors, like this and this.

Among those, “Kameda Seika (亀田製菓)” Confectionery is famous for its Kaki no Tane products and the Wasabi flavor is especially popular.

The crunchy Wasabi snack is not so spicy if you only eat a few pieces at a time, and has an appetizing savory flavor that goes perfectly with beer.

Wasabi Mame (わさび豆)

Wasabi Mame Green Peas

Image : Amazon.co.jp

Kasugai Seika Wasabi Mame Green Peas 

As with Kaki no Tane, “Wasabi Mame (わさび豆)” is a classic Wasabi snack widely enjoyed in Japan that many food companies produce and sell.

As the Japanese word “Mame (豆)” means “beans”, green peas and broad beans are typically used as the main ingredient of Wasabi Mame snacks.

Speaking of Wasabi Mame, this Kasugai Seika’s product is well-known in Japan as a long-seller and widely loved by many Japanese for over 30 years.

The Kasugai’s Wasabi Mame snack is made coating green peas with wheat flour batter and deep-frying them.

These deep-fried green peas are pleasant crispy in texture and has a sweet, satisfying pungent Wasabi flavor.

Wasa-Beef Patato Chips (わさビーフ ポテトチップス)

Yamayoshi Wasa-Beef Potato Chips Yamayoshi Wasa-Beef Potato Chips

Wasa-Beef (わさビーフ)” is a long-selling Wasabi-flaovred potato chips that was released by Yamayoshi Seika Confectionery in 1987.

As you can guess from the product name, the Yamayoshi’s potato snack is characterized by its addicting combination of the rich flavor of beer and the refreshing pungency of Wasabi.

As a matter of fact, this is one of my most favorite potato snacks and I love to eat these potato chips as an “Otsumami (おつまみ)” for beer.


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