I Tried Nissin Rich Cup Noodle Suppon Turtle Soup Flavor

Known as the world’s first instant cup noodle, Nissin Cup Noodle is Japan’s top instant ramen brand. While in Japan its name is Nissin Cup Noodle, in countries other than Japan, the products are sold by the name of Nissin Cup Noodles.

The original cup ramen of the Nissin’s Cup Noodle line was introduced in September 1971, and in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the brand, Nissin created a sub-brand of the Cup Noodle “Nissin Rich Cup Noodle” in 2016.

Nissin Rich Cup Noodle Uni Sea Urchin Flavor

As the name suggests, the Rich Cup Noodle is the luxurious version of the regular Cup Noodle line and its cup noodles go on sale for a limited time only. The previous cup ramen of the Nissin Rich Cup Noodle series was released in November of last year, and I actually enjoyed the luxurious sea urchin Uni ramen.

Nissin Rich Cup Noodle Suppon Soup Flavor Instant Ramen 

Nissin Rich Cup Noodle Suppon Soup Flavor Instant Ramen

Unfortunately, the sea urchin ramen is unavailable now, but Nissin introduced what I purchased this time for the blog article “Nissin Rich Cup Noodle Suppon Soup Flavor” anew into the market on September 2.

Suppon Turtle 

Suppon Soft-Shelled Turtle

For the unfamiliar, “Suppon (スッポン)” is a soft-shelled turtle known as a luxury food material in Japan, and the Suppon soup is the quintessential soup dish made with the soft-shelled turtle, which, if properly cooked, is exquisitely delicious and is loved by many gourmets.


Nissin Rich Cup Noodle Suppon Soup Flavor Ingredients

Although the Suppon turtle itself is expensive, the soup base of this instant ramen actually contains Suppon powder, and other ingredients include chicken seasoning, dried bonito seasoning, lard, collagen peptide, sweeteners, mackerel seasoning, salt, gelatin, flavoring, yeast extract, spices, flavor oil, Shiitake mushroom seasoning, and pork seasoning.

Nissin Rich Cup Noodle Suppon Soup Flavor Toppings

As with other regular Cup Noodles, the garnish for this Suppon ramen is mixed in with the dried noodle block and soup base powder and consists of seasoned chicken meatballs, chopped green onions, Chinese wolfberry fruit, and seasoned Shiitake mushrooms.


Nissin Rich Cup Noodle Suppon Soup Flavor Seafood Flavoring Oil

The instant ramen cup comes with a black sachet pasted on it, which contains special seafood flavoring oil featuring a mellow bonito and green onion flavor. And the claim on the side of the cup says that this cup ramen uses umami-rich double Dashi soup stock made from bonitos and Suppon turtles.


The cooking of this cup ramen isn’t that complicated; First, pour boiling water into the cup until it reaches the line indicated inside. Then, close the lid and let the noodles sit and cook for 3 minutes. 3 minutes later, remove the paper lid and add in the contents of the black sachet. Lastly, stir all the ingredients well with chopsticks and ready to eat.


Nissin Rich Cup Noodle Suppon Turtle Flavor Instant Ramen

The seafood broth is light yet very flavorful and fragrant. This is a cup of Suppon soup flavored ramen, but just a cup of instant ramen, so you couldn’t expect better than this. The wheat noodles are thin compared to those of the regular Nissin Cup Noodles, but I think these fine noodles are a good match for this Suppon ramen.

Price and Where to Buy

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of this instant Suppon ramen is 240 yen (about 2.4 USD) and the cup ramen is currently available at convenience stores in Japan. By the way, I bought this one in a 7 Eleven.


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