Choco Baby : Meiji’s Nostalgic Milk Chocolate Pellets

When I was a schoolboy, a chocolate candy was popular among children.

Especially, when we went on an excursion somewhere as a school event, some liked to take the candy treat with them, for the chocolate was lovely and satisfying, besides its plastic container was really convenient to carry around.

Even now, the chocolate candy is available everywhere in Japan from supermarkets to drugstores and has become a many people’s favorite.

Meiji Choco Baby (明治 チョコベビー)

Meiji Choco Baby

The classic sweet treat with over 40 years of history that makes me feel nostalgic is this “Choco Baby (チョコベビー)” from Meiji.

Meiji Choco Baby

I think the old-fashioned package design has hardly changed from my childhood. The label says this item is one of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics official partners. 

Meiji Choco Baby Chocolate Pellets

When you remove the outer plastic package, the plain clear box with lots of teeny-weeny chocolate pellets inside appears.

The plastic box is very handy as the red lid can be easily opened and closed any number of times.

Meiji Choco Baby Chocolate Pellets

These small cylindrical shaped pieces of milk chocolate are smooth, creamy with a gentle cacao flavor, which makes the candy very easy to eat for kids.

Choco Baby Jumbo 

Meiji Choco Baby Chocolate Candies

Meiji Choco Baby comes in 2 sizes. What I purchased this time is the regular size box (32 g), while the milk chocolate is also available in a bigger box, which is named “Choco Baby Jumbo (チョコベビージャンボ)” (102 g).


Meiji Choco Baby Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Finally, according to the ingredient list, the Meiji Choco Baby chocolate candy is made with sugar, cacao mass, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, vegetable fat and oil, emulsifiers, flavors, and brighteners.


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