Meiji Petit Gum: Enjoyable Chewing Bubble Gum Pellets

When I think of Meiji Choco Baby, the product I wrote about in the previous post, another item comes to mind.

It is also from Meiji with a shape similar to the chocolate Choco Baby, and it was one of my favorite Dagashi sweets as a kid.

Meiji Petit Gum (Puchi Gum)

Meiji Petit Gum Grape

Meiji Petit Gum Box

The product that brings back memories of my childhood is this “Petit Gum (プチガム)” from Meiji.

As you can see in the photos, it contains chewing bubble gum pellets, which come in 2 flavors: grape and soda. 

As with Choco Baby’s plastic container, this paper box is very handy with a re-closable lid.

Meiji Petit Gum Chewing Bubble Gum

Meiji Petit Gum Chewing Bubble Gum Pellets Grape and Muscat

In terms of the contents, most of the gums are grape-flavored with an eye-catching bright purple color.

Meanwhile, the yellowish-green pellets have a muscat flavor, which is seen only a little but delights kids.

Meiji Petit Gum Game

These chewing bubble gums have a two-layer structure consisting of plain white gum coated in a thin layer of flavored sugar.

The taste is fruity and satisfying. And using the box and chewing gum pellets, you can even enjoy a ball game.  

Those elements are fun and fascinating to kids, making them very excited.


Meiji Petit Gum Grape Ingredients

According to the ingredient list on the side of the box,

the Meiji Petit Gum Grape Flavor chewing gum consists of sugar, dextrose, starch syrup, gelatin, gum base, acidifier, processed starch, Arabian gum, emulsifier, flavoring, colors (anthocyanin, Cape jasmine, flavonoid), and brightener.


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