Chocoball: Morinaga’s Iconic Chocolate Snack Balls

Morinaga Seika (森永製菓) is a leading Japanese confectionery company founded in 1899,

whose representative snacks and candies include Milk ChocolateAngel Pie, and this Morinaga Chocoball.

Morinaga Chocoball 

Morinaga Chocoball

First introduced in 1963 under the name of Skip, Chocoball (チョコボール) is one of Morinaga’s signature products.

In 1969, the name changed to the present Choco Ball. And in 1973, the pictured Chocoball Peanut went on sale.


Morinaga Choco Balls

As its name suggests, Chocoball Peanut has a filling of peanut inside, together with a thin layer of crispy puff. The combination is delightful and quite addictive.


In addition to this Peanut, regular Chocoball comes in Caramel and Strawberry. And sometimes, the maker offers limited-edition flavors.

Mascot Kyoro-Chan

One of the symbols of Morinaga Chocoball is its mascot character named Kyoro-Chan (キョロちゃん), which is an imaginary bird created for the treat in 1967.

Kin no Angel/Gin no Angel 

The box has a reclosable, bird’s beak-like lid, where you can rarely find a Kin no Angel (金のエンゼル: Golden Angel) or Gin no Angel (銀のエンゼル: Silver Angel) logo.

In exchange for either one Kin no Angel or five Gin no Angel logos, you can get an Omocha no Kanzume (おもちゃのカンヅメ: Toy’s Can) from Morinaga.

Kin no Angel and Gin no AngelImage: Rakuten Rakuma

As you can guess, the Kin no Angel logo is much rarer than Gin no Angel and is extremely hard to obtain.

And for that reason, you can see them traded at high prices on online auction sites.

(Reference Page: Wikipedia チョコボール )


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