What is Chikara Mizu?

Have you ever heard of Chikara Mizu (力水), meaning power water in Japanese?

What is Chikara Mizu?

When I hear Chikara Mizu, that reminds me of 2 different types of liquid.

Kirin Beverage Chikara Mizu Soda 

Kirin Beverage Chikara Mizu

One is a carbonated energy drink produced and sold by the leading Japanese soft drink manufacturer Kirin Beverage.

First released in 1994, this product is available at 130 yen (about 1.2 USD), mainly from vending machines.

The Chikara Mizu Soda is a refreshing fruity energy drink with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), helping you do your best at work. 

Chikara Mizu for Sumo Wrestlers

Chikara Mizu

The other type of Chikara Mizu is a ladle of water used by the Sumo wrestler Rikishi (力士) for purification right before the bout, as the Sumo ring Dohyo (土俵) is considered a sacred place.

This Chikara Mizu is offered to the Rikishi who climbed up onto the Dohyo for the bout by the Rikishi who won in the preceding match.

Sumo Wrestler Chikara Mizu

The Rikishi who received the water puts a mouthful of it into his mouth and then spits it out while covering his mouth with a folded sheet of paper called Chikara Gami (力紙: Power Paper).

(Reference Page: Wikipedia 力水 (相撲) )


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