Fruiche: House’s Classic Yogurt-Like Fruit Jelly Dessert

Today, I went shopping at a supermarket where I thought I wanted some fruit yogurt.

But as I felt like something more gelatinous, I grabbed a bag of “Fruiche (フルーチェ)”, a yogurt-like jelly dessert that I used to often eat as a kid.

House Fruiche 

House Fruiche Strawberry Cherry Mix

Correctly, “Fruiche (フルーチェ)” is an instant food consisting of the base sauce for the yogurt-like gelatinous fruit jelly.

The product was introduced in 1976 by House Foods and is now widely enjoyed in Japan, especially favored by children.

So in the package, there is only one pouch, which contains the dessert base like a fruit sauce.

The making of this jelly dessert is quite easy. All you need to prepare is only (100%) milk, in addition to the base sauce.

How to Make

As shown above, the making process is: first, pour 150ml of chilled milk into the base sauce in a bowl and stir well evenly with a spoon or the like until the liquid mixture becomes firm and gelatinous. That’s it!

Flavor and Taste

House Fruiche Yogurt Like Fruit Jelly

House Fruiche comes in several fruit flavors, out of which this time I chose this Rich Strawberry & Cherry Mix.

As you can see in the video, the jelly dessert Fruiche is like fruit yogurt and tastes similar to it. It is so good. But compared to ordinary yogurt, it has a more firm, gelatinous consistency.

I think the distinctive fresh texture that is somewhat different from yogurt is the secret behind the popularity of Fruiche. 


House Fruiche Strawberry Cherry Mix Ingredients

Lastly, let’s see the ingredient list on the side of the bag. According to that, the base sauce of the Fruiche consists of sweetened strawberry, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, concentrated cherry juice, fructose, concentrated apple juice, salt, pectin, pH adjuster, colors (cape jasmine, monascus), and flavoring.


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